NHS Staff Offer


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December 8th, 2021

NHS Staff Offer

The global pandemic has highlighted how vital our healthcare system is. Here at Owl Tutors, we are delighted to offer a discount to NHS employees for online tuition.

A Thank You from Owl Tutors – 10% off tuition to all NHS Staff!

The global Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the crucial work of the NHS and those who work within it. As a thank you, we are delighted to offer 10% of all tuition to anyone who works for the NHS.

Here at Owl Tutors, we provide qualified and experienced teachers for one to one tuition. We have tutors who can provide support for school entrance, GCSE, A level and IB examinations as well as general support.

Aside from our superb tutors, we host a range of informative blog articles, learning resources and sample exam papers.

If you would like your 10% discount please make an enquiry quoting “NHSOFFER” on the enquiry form or over the phone. You can find our tutors below:

This offer will be reviewed in December 2022


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