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7 Plus, 8 Plus, 11 Plus, 13 Plus, English, French and Spanish

School entrance experience

Julia has worked with children aiming to attend the following schools:

Preparation for Kazakh student 13+ English (not yet sat) to various UK schools

Julia's biography:

With a First Class degree from Oxford, Julia guides students in their most formative years towards a commitment to academic excellence. Working as a full-time professional tutor, she has extensive experience in teaching and tutoring French, Spanish and English entrance exams.

Julia's ability to develop exam strategy and consolidate knowledge results in her students' improvement and attainment of top exam results. She has guided numerous students to GCSE exam success, quickly establishing areas for improvement to ensure meaningful progress. In addition she has considerable experience in tutoring languages to younger students, and uses effective strategies to help them improve their linguistic skills. Julia also works with international students, guiding those who wish to gain entrance to UK institutions. Her experience in tutoring 11+ and 13+ entrance exams positions her as an excellent tutor for any student looking to succeed in these competitive tests.

Julia's education has always extended beyond academic study and at school and university she was deeply involved with acting in and producing plays and musicals. This love of the arts continues today alongside a strong commitment to tennis, running and above all - travelling to as many places as holidays will allow! With all students Julia looks to develop not only academic excellence, but also a general love of learning and understanding the world.

Julia's qualifications:

Julia qualified to teach French in 2018, and holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Education from University College London.

University NameName of degreeYear of graduation
University of OxfordModern Languages (French)2014


We collect references for all of our tutors when they join. Not all referees agree to have their reference publically listed, but when they do we show them here.

Julia is a first rate teacher - kind, intelligent, conscientious and dedicated to education. She taught in my department in an outstanding secondary school for 2 years and was one of our best teachers, getting fantastic GCSE results and developing an excellent relationship with her students. I would recommend her unconditionally to any student.

Thursday, 12th September 2019

Julia joined out school as a trainee teacher and I was her mentor. She worked hard to meet all children’s needs as much as she could and she made herself an invaluable member of our department. She stayed for her NQT year and continued to work hard and had the same love, energy and enthusiasm for her classes, regardless of how difficult they may have been. She takes time to ensure she works with other teachers, assistant staff and parents to achieve the best outcome for the pupils. Finally, Julia ensures she attends training and ensures she is as up to date as possible with new resource ideas and exam requirements.

Thursday, 12th September 2019

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