"Many thanks for Holly's effort in tutoring my 15-year-old daughter. My daughter has had an interest in English and English Literature and would like to learn the most of these subjects. Joining a UK boarding school at the beginning of Term 2 of Year 10 is a bit hard for her to catch up with the syllabus and teaching style. She herself aims high and did not want herself to be left behind.

At the end of Term 2, she asked if we could find her an experienced tutor to guide her. Holly is such a competent, passionate, responsible and intelligent person in knowing what gaps my daughter needs to be filled in. After a term -long, weekly tuition by Holly, Allie has successfully grabbed the skills in approaching English literature, started to enjoy English lessons at school a lot. The grades and comments given by her school English teacher is already a strong evidence in showing everyone, including herself, the big improvement. Now, my daughter has gained not only competence in English Literature and Language but her level of confidence in subjects have obviously been boosted up.

Holly, thanks for being a passionate and diligent tutor in delivering well-structured lessons with devices to engage my daughter. She finds your lessons interesting and definitely on her way moving up to another level."

Mother of online GCSE English student

Tuesday, 14th July 2020