Introduction to Home Tuition


The aim of this section is to explain how our home tuition service works, and answer any potential questions you may have about this. If you have any questions please contact us directly.

Initial placement

We represent about 100 home tutors in London, and liaise with them to find the best match for your needs. (Read more about the quality of our tutors).

If you would like, you can browse tutor profiles directly through our website (where we aim to provide a comprehensive background on their experience and tutoring style), then contact us directly with a request for a specific tutor.

Alternatively, you can contact us directly and ask for us to make a recommendation. At this point we will follow a simple three-step programme.


We Listen

If you’d like to get the ball rolling and start using an Owl Tutor, please either click on the “Make an Enquiry” button or call us directly. We’ll listen carefully to your needs, and ask some carefully targeted questions to help work out whether or not we are in a position to help. We’ve heard pretty much everything by now, so please don’t be shy.


We Recommend

We can then either advertise your requirements to the relevant tutors in your area, or simply directly approach tutors of your choice. We do aim to provide you with a choice of tutors where possible, although this may not always be possible. We aim to get back in touch inside 48 hours with a list of available tutors, and normally manage to be well below this.


You Decide

Once we have collated the tutors that we recommend to provide you with tuition, we will send you details of each of the tutors so that you can make the final decision. Once you have chosen who you would like to meet, we will swap details between the two of you so that tuition can begin.


We are generally only able to provide home tuition in London. Specifically, we are unlikely to find a tutor outside Zones 1 to 4. Please do contact us to check if we are able to help.

Unless otherwise requested, tuition will take place in your homes, and we will arrange for one of our tutors to travel to you. The benefits to this approach are obvious. Firstly, the student is in a place where they feel comfortable and confident. Secondly, you will have the option of receiving feedback directly from the tutor after every session. Lastly, your child will be making the most of their free time by not having to travel to and from another location.

On occasion we do arrange for older students to meet tutors in a suitable public location. This typically happens when we are unable to find a tutor able to come to your area. In this situation we can find a space like a library or a quiet café where student and tutor can work productively together. We will be involved at all stages of this process, and will only suggest this approach when other viable alternatives have been ruled out)


Given the timings of the school day, tuition usually takes place at evenings and weekends, and our tutors are happy to work at these times. We can arrange intensive holiday tuition, either as part of an ongoing process or as a one-off. Although the majority of our tutors either teach full-time or have moved into another sector, we do have a smaller number of tutors on our books who can work on weekday daytimes as well. We often provide tutors to help students doing A-Level resits on a Gap Year, and have a number of full-time professional tutors who would be very happy to help out with this kind of engagement.


For home tuition we will send you a single invoice at the end of the month for tuition completed in the previous month.

Monitoring and Assessment

As former teachers, we know the importance of regular monitoring and assessment, and like to get involved with this side of tuition. We ask our tutors to submit monthly reports to us, explaining what they have been up to in the previous month. We like to touch base with all clients on a regular basis, allowing us to both find out what is working and perhaps what we can do to make things even better.

All of our tutors are qualified teachers, and will be extremely familiar in different methods of assessment (of and for) learning. They will continuously assess and feedback to you on progress, both formally in terms of performance on exams or relevant assessment materials, and informally at the end of every session. This “doorstep chat” between student, parent and tutor is one of the things that makes private tuition so effective; by receiving regular feedback from an experienced third party, you will be able to help much more effectively from your end.

Tutor quality

Our tutors are of an extremely high calibre. We only represent qualified teachers (we believe we are the only agency in London to do this), and in reality we go beyond this, insisting on a proven record of academic achievement and professional rigour that we hope is evidenced in our tutor profiles. We have a strict recruitment policy, and reject more applications than we accept for interview. All tutors on our books have received strong references from working in schools, and have successfully completed formal teacher training programs. A high percentage of our tutors come from Teach First, an educational charity which places high-achieving graduates to teach in inner-city schools whilst training on the job. We hold copies of teaching qualifications, degree certificates and criminal records certificates (CRB/DBS checks) for all of our tutors.