UK Schools Placement Consultancy

Deciding which school to send your child to can be a stressful and time-consuming process. It can feel like a student’s future academic success - and happiness - rest on making the right decision.  

Why work with an Owl Tutors Schools Consultant

Our schools consultants offer a range of services to support families. They can provide advice on school selection, assist with application preparation, offer interview coaching, and guide families through any additional assessments or entrance exams that may be required. 

Many of our tutors have left classroom teaching to become full-time professional tutors.  Those who specialise in school entrance preparation have developed expert knowledge and understanding of the UK’s top schools and can give invaluable insight into a school’s: admissions processes and academic expectations, ethos, facilities, history and pastoral provisions.  A high number of our tutors have also previously taught at (and held senior roles in) some of the UK’s most sought after schools and are able to provide an invaluable insight into these institutions.   

How it works

The consultation process will typically begin with an initial phone call with you (and sometimes your child) to understand your educational goals, preferences, and specific requirements. Your schools consultant will then take that information to create a personalised plan tailored to your needs, which will include school recommendations (based on researching appropriate options) and suggested next steps.  

Our schools consultants are happy to work with families on a short or long term basis.

Caroline has been extremely helpful to the kids. She has been able to identify their strength and weakness and puts in a lot of effort to ensure the kids put in their best.
The support being provided is very useful.
Alan is a fantastic tutor. His lessons are engaging, well thought through and always relevant. He explains concepts in a way that makes sense, he has been a great sounding board when trying to understand complex topics and his teaching is always relevant. Highly recommend and will use again.
We had tried several other tutors before finding Sophie and we are so grateful to her. Sophie was immediately able to assess the topics my son was already confident in, and focus in quickly on what he needed to work on. The lessons were structured, engaging, and a perfect pace - pushing him to improve in a really supportive way. In a short space of time my son grew in both confidence and skill. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her for anyone sitting 7+ or 11+ exams.
Toby is a professional tutor and he does his lessons to perfection. He is highly recommended.