Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT)


The SAT is the main assessment used for entry to college in the US. Previously standing for Scholastic Aptitude Test and Scholastic Assessment Test, it is now just known as the SAT. Comprising of 3 papers taken over almost 4 hours, scores are given out of a possible total of 2400. Papers are sat in Critical Reading, Mathematics and Writing, with each section worth 800 marks. Critical Reading is essentially comprehension with articles from a large variety of sources. Mathematics is a combination of multiple choice and standard exam questions, split over 3 sections. Writing is a combination of multiple choice questions and a short essay.

What is behind the interest in the SAT?

With the recent rise of tuition fees, many UK students are looking overseas to foreign Universities. Whilst unlikely to be cheaper, the US college system has some of the best academic institutions in the world, and for high-flying students there is a much wider range of scholarships and bursaries available than in the UK. The main issue British students are likely to have is with coping with the alien nature of the exams. They are simply unlike anything encountered in the UK school system, and require a very different mind-set to an A-Level or GCSE.

How can we help students taking the SAT?

Due to the difference in exam style, students may well require extra help with this test. Here at Owl Tutors we only employ qualified teachers. All of our tutors have classroom experience in the subjects they tutor, and have been personally interviewed and vetted by us. Please feel free to browse some of our London Tutors or contact us today to find out more.

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