Owl Tutors and Education Agencies

(Educational Consultant supporting a student with 16+ entry)

What are Education Agencies?

Education agencies are organisations that provide services and support to students and families in navigating particular education systems. These agencies often work with international students and their families, helping them find suitable educational opportunities abroad, whether that be at school or university level, and providing guidance throughout the application process.

What services do education agencies offer?

Education agencies offer a range of services tailored to the needs of students and families. These services may include:

1. School or University Placement: Education agencies assist students in finding suitable educational institutions based on their levels of academic attainment, asspirations and preferences. They provide information on different schools or universities, their programs, admission requirements, and facilitate the application process.

2. Application Support: Education agencies guide students through the application process, helping them complete application forms, gather required documents, and meet deadlines. They may also provide advice on writing personal statements or essays and offer interview preparation assistance.

3. Visa and Immigration Support: For international students, education agencies provide guidance on visa requirements and help with the visa application process. They ensure students understand the necessary documentation, eligibility criteria, and provide support in complying with immigration regulations.

4. Accommodation Assistance: Education agencies often assist students in finding suitable accommodation options, whether it's on-campus housing, homestays, or private rentals. They can provide information on housing options, advise on costs, and help students make informed decisions.

How does Owl Tutors work with Education Agencies?

Education agencies who specialise in one of the four categories listed above do not necessarily provide academic support, and this is where Owl Tutors can assist. On top of navigating the application process with the help of their education agent, a student may also need extra support from a tutor to ensure they achieve their required grades for entry to their chosen school or University.  

Owl Tutors has formed strong working relationships with education agencies based around the world to ensure that their students are fully prepared for entry to the UK’s education system.  This has included school entrance exam preparation (from 7+ up to 11 Plus, 13 Plus and 16 Plus) along with entry to top UK Universties (including Oxbridge).  We are also able to support students who will sit various subject-specific admissions tests to UK Universities (such as the BMAT, LNAT and UCAT/UKCAT).   

If you represent an education agency and would be interested in working with Owl Tutors, please get in touch and we would be very happy to arrange a call.  We have a flexible approach and are happy to discuss arrangements on a case-by-case basis. 

Alan is very Calm and encouraging, he makes my daughter feel at ease, which helps her ask questions and engage better. She is enjoying her lessons with Alan and feel they are very beneficial to her revision for her A levels.
Adam's tuition has given my son so much more confidence in the classroom and has taught him techniques to help with his ADHD when tackling tricky questions , he is always enthusiastic and my son finds his sessions very enjoyable
We found Alan very competent, flexible, understanding and quick to get back to us in order to tailor help to our son’s needs.
Sobia is every parent's dream of what a tutor should be. Rest assured, your ward is in good hands.
Kelly was fantastic. Super supportive and very easy to work with. Our son aced his entrance exams. We are very grateful and would highly recommend working with Kelly.