Schools and Councils

Tuition and getting the most out of School-led tutoring funding 

Given that all Owl Tutors are fully qualified teachers, we are in a strong position to give extra support to students who would benefit from one-to-one tuition within the school setting.

We appreciate that this can be a significant investment for schools, and often tied to important decision making around how, for example, Pupil Premium is best put to use. We pride ourselves on the care our tutors take to provide a tailored yet flexible plan for each student, working towards their individual goals.  We will work with you to schedule sessions at a time that is best for your students and you will be updated with regular progress reports. 

Tutoring towards an examination - GCSE and A-Level Tuition for Schools

Many schools feel the pressure of working towards exams and aiming for a particular set of results.  Our team of expert tutors - all qualified teachers - bring with them a wealth of experience in preparing students for public exams in their specialist subject/s. Not only that, many have previously examined for major exam boards across GCSE, A-Level and IB (including AQA, Edexcel, OCR and Cambridge AIE) or continue to do so. Whether you need support to help top achievers or to help borderline students achieve their target grades, we have a range of tuition options available.

Online tutoring for schools 

In most cases, we provide online tutoring to schools (as opposed to in person).  This is the most cost-effective way to allow access to the most experienced and qualified teachers represented by Owl Tutors. 

Extra support for students with Special Educational Needs (SEN) 

Not only do all of our tutors have at least basic training in this area, by virtue of their qualified teacher status, many specialise in working with students with SEN and have gained relevant further experience and qualifications.  Students can thrive with targeted academic support and we have witnessed this first hand in both the home and school setting.  

A Record of Success

We are proud of our successful track record of supporting schools and colleges. If you are looking for professionally qualified subject specialists, all of whom are trained teachers, please get in touch for a free consultation.

A tailored service 

From our experience of working with schools, we know that it’s not a case of “one size fits all” and we will therefore do our best to accommodate the preferences of your students and colleagues. We can be flexible in terms of the format of tuition (group or individual), how and when feedback is delivered and what online platform is used. 

Payment plans that work for you 

We appreciate that a school’s finance team often has its own preferred system for processing invoices.  We will work with you to ensure a smooth and efficient billing process. 

We would be happy to discuss the particular needs of your school and its pupils, so please get in touch.

Sam made a connection with my son immediately and was able to bring the best out of him. He was firm when necessary. He proved to be very empathic as well and understood my son's personality very quickly! I highly recommend Sam.
Holly is a wonderful warm tutor, always in good spirit. She is really helping my kids. Her teaching methods are excellent. She is approachable, flexible and kind. Most importantly she considers my suggestions and want to achieve goals set for the children. Other English tutors we have experienced in the past do not like to listen to the parents or consider any idea from the bill payer.
Holly was really approachable, the family of the student she helped were really positive about the sessions and she was extremely flexible when things needed to be rearranged.
Phil helped my daughter a lot to prepare for the Entrance Exam and he covered all the key topics with homework after each lessons, which really consolidated learning and he always gave constructive feedback.
Jeni has been an absolute gem and has instilled some confidence in my daughter in her sciences. She has set off to the best start for this term to the point where she loves sciences at school and has been able to consolidate her learnings.