Special Educational Needs (SEN)

What does SEND stand for?

SEN stands for Special Educational Needs. It refers to a diverse range of learning difficulties or additional needs that may affect the ability of a child or young person to learn. There are many types of SEN, but they include autism, dyslexia, ADHD and anxiety.

How can Owl Tutors support children with SEN?

All Owl Tutors are qualified teachers and, as such, have at least some training and experience in working with students with SEN.  Beyond that, we have a dedicated team of tutors who hold additional experience and qualifications in supporting children with SEN. Many of our SEN tutors have held the role of “SENCo” (SEN Coordinator) within a school, so have a thorough understanding of the challenges that students with SEN may face, and how best to work with them in achieving their goals. 

You can view our SEN tutors here

What services do you offer for children with SEN?

Our tutors specialise in providing one-to-one tuition and will tailor lessons and longer-term education plans to the needs of each individual student, including by addressing specific learning difficulties. Many of our tutors also have experience in working with students who are following an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP), whether they remain in mainstream schooling or not. 

How do I know if my child needs support for SEN?

If you suspect that your child may have special educational needs, it's important to consult with professionals, starting by speaking with their school teacher/s. The next step may be to speak with your GP who might suggest meeting with an educational psychologist. They can assess your child's needs and provide a diagnosis or recommendations for support. Our tutors are equipped to work with children who have already been identified as having SEN, and they can complement any interventions or support plans put in place.

Can tutors provide support within a mainstream school setting?

Yes, our tutors can provide support within a mainstream school setting. They can work alongside teachers and other professionals to offer additional assistance, tailored strategies, and individualised attention to children with SEN. This can help bridge any gaps in learning, build confidence, and support their overall educational progress.

If you are interested in arranging tuition, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your child's specific needs and requirements. 

My daughter was very close to her Science GCSEs and had asked us to arrange a couple of months tuition for her to increase her confidence and help her to increase her grades by a point or two. I was delighted and relieved by how quickly I was put in touch with John and how quickly we were able to schedule sessions. I shared her mock papers with him and he was able to pinpoint where to target his sessions providing her with relevant practice questions in the interim. She came out of Chemistry saying it was the best exam of her life ! Thanks John for delivering exactly what we needed. Will not hesitate to reach out to Owl in the future.
I am very thankful for the insightful tutoring Alan provided to my daughter Gabi. The supporting material he provided, the preparation and explanation style were ideal for her improvement and understanding of the complex math topics.
Very conscientious, engaged and committed to teaching - my son enjoys the sessions very much
Alison is a pleasure to deal with and takes a genuine interest in what engages my son to help him develop and enjoy learning. Thank you, Alison.
Sian has been a great tutor to Alix. She helped her gain confidence in maths and improve her results dramatically!

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