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While most prep schools use the 7+ to admit students in Year 3, some test prospective students at 8+ for entry into Year 4. Click here to find a selection of schools with 8 Plus admissions.

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Latest testimonial

"Anne is one in a million! She is very experienced, kind and focused and an excellent teacher. She quickly picked up on which areas my kids needed to work on. She worked with my twins together and my daughter individually and helped all 3 of them obtain places for entry into a top private school at 7+ and 8+. She was happy to work with me to achieve a lot in a short period of time and I could provide suggestions of areas needing more work. She also provided me with reading lists.

Even after the children had been offered places, I kept the tutoring going with Anne as my kids loved the sessions and I could see they were getting a lot out of them. I would highly recommend!"

Mother in North West London. Thursday, 14th September, 2017