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Amy has built a lovely rapport with my son. He looks forward to his lesson and always tells me about all the interesting things he's learnt. Amy makes her lessons fun and engaging and my son is able to concentrate for the full hour.
Shu is an exceptional tutor. Whereas we had a daily fight to get our son to focus ahead of his 8+ exams, she seemed to have him eating out of her hand within days. She made the lessons fun, tuned into areas he needed help on, and worked out how to get him to improve them. We firmly believe that had our son not had Shu on his side, he wouldn't have been offered a place at Westminster Under.
We met Shu nine months before our son sat the 8+ exams. He has a curious mind, and we felt he had the potential to do very well, but his school were ambivalent about his chances of getting into one of the leading London Junior schools, and the daily fights to get him to do any extra work were extreme, often involving tantrums, slammed doors, shouting, and the rest. When Shu walked through our front door, in March 2023, we thought she'd last two minutes - she seemed strict and we expected the tantrums to escalate. How wrong we were!
Shu has a magic learning flute, and even our son was unable to resist it's tune. From the get-go, she 'got him'. After the first few sessions, she gave us a more acute assessment than the teachers who'd known him for years ever had. And while our son still complained constantly about doing anything extra with us, over the following nine months he accepted Shu's word as gospel - sometimes calling her himself to ask whether he should do A or B as we requested! More than that, he really enjoyed his lessons, and I'd often look in to see them both roaring with laughter over a shared, private joke. Shu believed in and enjoyed our son in a way no-one had before, and as a result I think he started to believe in himself. She was also an invaluable sounding board for us, often calming us down when we worried that he was not up to it, or that his confidence would suffer, at all times reminding us that she believed he had what it took, whether it was this round or the next. And her belief in him was contagious.
By the end of January 2023, our son had an offer from his first choice school, Westminster Under, as well as from other top London prep schools, and I'm 100% confident that this would never have happened had we not met Shu!
Shu is a fantastic tutor. She has years of experience as a qualified teacher and tutor, which made a huge difference to our son’s 7+ preparation process. From the first lesson we could see that Shu has a very structured deeply thought approach to teaching- she always focused on starting with concepts and building foundations. We really appreciated this, and so did our son, he enjoyed learning with her.

Shu made very astute judgments on our son's potential and was able to ascertain very quickly the areas where our son needed to work on. She worked with us to create a plan for approaching the exams. As parents, she gave us a lot of assurance throughout the process and managed our expectations, limiting our stress. Although she was strict with our son, she knew where to push and how to get results out of him, being mindful always of where his limits were.

We saw a great chemistry between them. She has a great way of dealing with children, making them accountable for their work and creating an inner motivation for excellence. We were amazed that he was happy to sit for as long as 2 hours with minimal breaks, and I think he looked forward to her lessons sometimes, which is a miracle!

We really got the sense that teaching is her passion, and this makes all the difference to the child’s learning experience. We supplemented our work with Shu with research on exam formats, techniques etc. Shu is very collaborative, flexible and pragmatic in her approach, but also unafraid to be direct and transparent. We worked really well as a team, and in 7 weeks of working together, our son got into the top school of our choice. It was an absolute pleasure dealing and interacting with Shu, and we would highly recommend her to any parents looking for additional support for their child in the school examination process. Thank you Shu!
This is our first experience of hiring a tutor. To give some context to fellow parents, we are an overseas family relocating to London from an International School setting. The process can be incredibly daunting and stressful - especially since the London school scene is oversubscribed and highly competitive.

I selected Holly based on her stellar credentials and lovely, warm manner during a preliminary phone interview. Thereafter, I immediately knew that she was the right fit for both my daughter and me.

She quickly identified the gaps in my daughter’s understanding of Maths, communicated them to me and set the expectations for the 8+ exam. My daughter went from thinking that she was struggling with Maths to looking forward to seeing Holly every week. Holly taught Maths in a warm, non-dogmatic and meaningful way.

I loved eavesdropping on their lessons and fully understood the methods that Holly used. Holly took the trepidation out of getting the answer wrong and showed such patience, sincerity and warmth towards my daughter. My daughter went on to pass all 3 of her 8+ exams, 2 of which were highly academic and prestigious Central London prep schools.

I cannot commend Holly highly enough! Holly also tutors in English, and reasoning papers. A bonus and true all-rounder!

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