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7 Plus, 8 Plus, Other School Entrance, English, Maths, Psychology and Science

School entrance experience

Meredith has worked with children aiming to attend the following schools:

7 and 8 Plus exam experience for the following schools: Bute House Dulwich Prep (2) Hampton School The Harrodian School (1) KCS - (1) Latymer Prep (1) St Paul's Wetherby Prep (1)

Meredith's biography:

Meredith is a passionate and engaging teacher who has over 11 years of teaching and tutoring experience in London and abroad. After gaining a First in Psychology she went on to complete her PGCE at the prestigious teacher training department of the University of Roehampton. Since then she has taught within both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, following the UK Curriculum at home and the Cambridge Curriculum in an International School abroad, teaching subjects across the Primary Curriculum including English, Mathematics, Science, Verbal Reasoning /Non-Verbal Reasoning and Phonics.

Meredith has experience of working with students targeting the 7+, 8+ and 9+ Common Entrance exams, helping them to utilise areas where they feel confident and support them in areas of challenge. She can quickly identify target areas to work on and develop programmes of study in order to help students meet their goals. She has a systematic approach to exam preparation and is familiar with the content and procedures of a number of schools. She understands that the exams can be demanding on both children and parents; therefore she has found that communication with parents as well as working together as a team to support the child is the best approach. Most importantly she realises that tutoring must be fun and so ensures every session she prepares is an enjoyable one!

Her background in psychology and counselling enables her to apply many useful techniques to teaching and learning, including ‘positive reinforcement’, ‘knowledge organisation’ and ‘working memory capacity’. Having studied it to degree and diploma level, she have an in-depth knowledge of the Psychology A-Level curriculum and a passion for helping students understand key theories, concepts, issues and debates in psychology. She recently successfully supported an A-Level student to raise their grade from a C to an A.

Her psychology studies also means she has an essential understanding of child development, values the emotional well-being of the children she is teaching, and is able to engage with the child from an empathic and nurturing position. She understands the value in developing a good rapport with students, believing this a key aspect to foster confidence, a positive approach to learning and a sense of self-efficacy. She is interested in different learning styles - acknowledging her own as visual - and ensures she tailors her teaching and tutoring plans to take individual differences into account. Her personal experience of mindfulness and meditation - as well the training she has undertaken to teach mindfulness to children - has enabled her to run workshops and clubs for children in the schools she has worked at, and she is able to employ these techniques to manage stress and promote focus with the children she tutors.

Meredith has also taught and tutored ESL children in the UK and abroad, having gained a TEFL qualification in 2011.

She is a trained counsellor for adults, currently embarking on setting up in private practice, before pursuing her ambition to become a school counsellor.

Meredith's qualifications:

Meredith qualified to teach Primary education in 2007, and holds a PGCE from Roehampton University.

University NameName of degreeYear of graduation
University of RoehamptonPGCE2007
University of SussexApplied Psychology2005

Recent testimonials:

"Meredith has been an amazing tutor for my daughter. She always does thorough preparation for the class and uses very creative and interesting ways to teach. Her class is always full of fun, my daughter looks forward to each class. Meredith also provides extremely detailed feedback and markings to homework; she is truly a talented and dedicated teacher. My daughter’s English has improved so much with Meredith’s help!"

Friday, 12th June 2020

Mum of Year 1 girl in Fulham


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Meredith is a highly competent and dedicated teacher. She teaches engaging and stimulating classes and is fully committed to developing effective sequences of lessons to maximise student success. She is compassionate and supportive with both students and colleagues and maintains a high level of professionalism at all times. Her adaptability and reliability are key strengths of hers and she has a good sense of fun which allows her students to make excellent progress across a range of different subjects. She is committed to reflective practice and her subject knowledge of different curricula is expansive and secure. Meredith will be a huge asset to your company.

Friday, 30th August 2019

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