Meet our 7 Plus Tutors

Our tutors, all of whom are qualified teachers, have successfully prepared 7 Plus candidates for entry to top schools in London and across the UK, including KCS, Westminster, Highgate, and North London Collegiate to name but a few.  We can provide one-to-one 7 Plus tuition at home to students based in London and online to students based all over the world. Our 7 Plus tutors can cover all subjects tested at this level (Literacy, Numeracy, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning) along with interview preparation. Refine your results by using the search box above, or view all 7 Plus tutors below:

What are 7 plus assessments/examinations?

Over the last decade 7 plus entry has become increasingly common across a swathe of independent schools. It is designed to ensure that Year 3 entrants to the school are at an academic level that means they will flourish, and not struggle at the intended school.

Children are assessed in year 2 (the year they turn 7, hence “7 plus”) for entrance to the school in the succeeding academic year. The are assessed in English, Maths (numeracy) and sometimes reasoning. Some schools, also feature unique assessments, such as a Diction assessment.

Please see our 7 plus overview for more information.

Why should I pick an Owl Tutor?

Owl Tutors are 7 plus experts and have provided tailored expert support to students in the UK and worldwide since 2011. That means many of our tutors have built up over a decade of experience working with 7 plus applicants and seeing the popularity of the entrance point grow with both schools and parents.

In addition to our tutoring our free 7 plus papers have become popular with thousands of parents who have used them to support their children’s assessments.

The experience and qualifications of our tutors are also second to none. As well as top degrees from top universities, including Oxbridge, our tutors have honed their skills in the classroom, including at some of the countries top prep schools.

Tutors will be able to support children with English, Mathematics and Reasoning tests. After the first few sessions, your tutor will have a good idea of what support your child requires to be ready for the 7 plus assessments.

My child is preparing for multiple 7 plus assessments at different schools. Can one tutor help with all of them?


Although schools do vary in their approach to assessments, the underlying skills that are being assessed are very similar. Each tutor will also have experience of a number of schools and will be able to provide support.

That said, if you would prefer to work with multiple tutors across a range of different schools, that can be arranged.

My child has passed the initial assessments and has been invited to an interview, can you help?

As our tutors are teachers, they will have extensive experience interviewing children when working in schools. A number of our tutors have also taught at high profile independent schools throughout the country and a number have been headteachers. 

Our tutors will be able to hold mock interviews for your child and provide a report on what they might need to develop. If you have been working with an Owl Tutor on the first stages of the assessment you can work with your existing tutor. Alternatively, you might want to replicate the “unknown” aspect of an interview and work with a new tutor. 

In the meantime, you may find this guide on 7 plus interviews useful.


What does a 7 plus lesson look like?

Tutors will tailor their lesson to your child’s needs and current level. Therefore, as the lessons are personalised, there is no typical lesson per se but they are usually very engaging and designed to help achieve the agreed goals.

Which schools do your tutors have experience of supporting applicants to?


Our tutors have helped hundreds, if not thousands, of children to top selective schools in the UK over the last 11 years. These include King’s College School Wimbledon, St. Paul’s Junior School, Westminster Under and many, many more.

In fact, you can have a look at all the 7 plus schools we support via our detailed Schools Guide.

Can we speak with a 7 plus tutor before deciding?

Yes, of course!

We do not charge registration or placement fees so there are no prior charges to tuition taking place. Once we have shortlisted tutors for your consideration, you can speak with them to help determine who might be the best fit for your child.

To make your enquiry, please see our contact us section.

Does online tutoring work for the 7 plus?

Many of our most experienced 7 plus tutors work solely online and see very good results with their clients.

Most six year old children should be able to concentrate for 45 minutes or so (this in itself is great exam technique practice!) and working one to one with a tutor is very different to being one of 15 or 20 on a screen.

Additionally, we have a number of home tutors who can provide 7 plus support. Please let us know when you make your enquiry what your preference is.

How much is 7 plus tuition?

Our fees range between £70 to £200 per hour, with the average hourly rate being £105 per hour. This includes preparation time before the lesson and there are no registration or placement fees.