Pre-U tutors in London

Pre-U exams

The Pre-U is a relatively new qualification designed as a more challenging alternative to the A-Level. It is a diploma-style qualification, fully recognised for University entrance, where students choose three out of 27 “principal subjects”, graded on a Distinction/Merit/Pass system that is broadly comparable to the A-Level grading system of A*-U.

Successful completion of all three, alongside the completion of portfolios in “Global Perspectives” and an Independent Research Project results in the awarding of a Pre-U diploma.

Which schools use the Pre-U?

The Pre-U is now offered in some subjects at many top schools like Eton, Westminster and Dulwich College, and Winchester College now offers Pre-U across all 6th form subjects.

With a Distinction-1 score (the top grade available) going beyond an A* at A-Level in difficulty and the recent announcement that Ivy League colleges are accepting Pre-U as an entrance requirement, this is hardly surprising, and with International Schools and hundreds of UK schools now getting on board, the Pre-U looks set to grow and grow in popularity.

How can I help my child with the Pre-U?

Due to the increased difficulty level, students may well require extra help to complete Pre-U courses. Here at Owl Tutors we only employ qualified teachers. All of our tutors have classroom experience in the subjects they tutor, and have been personally interviewed and vetted by us.

Due to the small number of enquiries we don’t list tutors specifically for the Pre-U, but we do for both the IB and the A-Level, and tutors from these backgrounds will be well placed to help with Pre-U home tuition.