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Holly is a wonderful warm tutor, always in good spirit. She is really helping my kids. Her teaching methods are excellent. She is approachable, flexible and kind. Most importantly she considers my suggestions and want to achieve goals set for the children. Other English tutors we have experienced in the past do not like to listen to the parents or consider any idea from the bill payer.
Phil helped my daughter a lot to prepare for the Entrance Exam and he covered all the key topics with homework after each lessons, which really consolidated learning and he always gave constructive feedback.
Holly is a very good tutor. She is very cheerful and makes the lessons enjoyable. My daughter is beginning to build confidence in English as Holly teaches her with praise and encouragement to attempt task helping her to feel free to express herself and contribute in class. My two children she teaches are doing well in school.
Alison was very good at exploring the areas that required focus and provided comprehensive work for revision. She was able to do take French to a deeper level required for the examinations, and developed a good relationship with our child.
Our son is progressing very well under the guidance of Miss Josephine and he has started taking interest in English Literature.

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