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I would highly recommend Owl Tutors, the service from the whole team has been nothing short of exceptional. I would definitely use their services again in the future.

Parent of 7 Plus student

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Everything we do is underpinned by one belief: that the most effective tutoring is provided by a qualified teacher. Founded in 2011, we specialise in providing qualified teachers for expert one-to-one tuition. Our tutor pool includes headteachers, heads of department, examiners, scientists and PhDs.

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I highly recommend Alison. She tutored my son of 10 and now my daughter of 8.

She is punctual, professional and generous.

Alison is passionate and dedicated teacher, able to connect and build relationship with pupil she works with, taking my son one step further in a safe way, filling the gaps, preparing every lesson in details. She encouraged my son all the way, feeding the successes even more and this was not only learning but growing together.

Thank you again, Mara.
Alanya was my son's in-person tutor for 3 months (Nov - Jan) helping to prepare him for several challenging London school 7+ exams. My son very quickly warmed to Alanya and appreciated having an in-person tutor to help him finalise preparations for his exams. Alanya largely focused on English which after only a few lessons gave him more confidence to tackle English papers in a more succinct way and shorter timeframe.
Alanya was extremely punctual and organised with her lesson plans, she kept our son focused and engaged throughout. Our son benefitted greatly from 3 months of lessons with Alanya. Alanya also helped us to understand how to support, develop and guide our son in the lead up to his exams. We were extremely happy with Alanya's teaching style and approach and of course the successful outcome. We would highly recommend Alanya.
Greg is a kind and caring teacher, with enormous patience and good humour. My son lacked confidence following extended periods of online schooling and the ISEB /13+ entrance exam process on the horizon. Greg built a trusted relationship with my son, who looks forward to their sessions. It’s a safe and happy space for my son to ask questions when he doesn’t understand a topic or concept. He has achieved some good senior school offers and Greg has undoubtedly helped him to achieve his potential in the 13+ process.
I wanted to write to you to tell you how pleased we were with the results we got from working with Josh who you introduced us to start of 2021. My daughter was in year 5 at the time so we were relatively late to tutoring compared to some of her peers.

Though our daughter had a good grounding and support from her prep school I know that working with Josh was a huge factor in her success. She’s just had offers from CLSG, Jags, Alleyn's, Sevenoaks and an academic scholarship at St Dunstan’s. The first three would have been considered stretch options for her when we started the process.

If you ever want me to do a reference for Josh I’d be delighted to as our experience has been great. We didn’t do any extra work with our daughter ourselves so Josh did all the out of school work. As well as making sure she was confident on the basics and techniques required generally he proactively worked with her on past papers for specific schools - for example highlighting the different approach to some maths questions for City and what they were looking for. His style also worked really well for us as he’s very calm about the whole process and was able to make her feel comfortable very quickly. She really enjoyed working with him and remained enthusiastic about her lessons throughout which made everything easier for me!

Thank you to you too Lawrence for finding Josh for us.
This is our first experience of hiring a tutor. To give some context to fellow parents, we are an overseas family relocating to London from an International School setting. The process can be incredibly daunting and stressful - especially since the London school scene is oversubscribed and highly competitive.

I selected Holly based on her stellar credentials and lovely, warm manner during a preliminary phone interview. Thereafter, I immediately knew that she was the right fit for both my daughter and me.

She quickly identified the gaps in my daughter’s understanding of Maths, communicated them to me and set the expectations for the 8+ exam. My daughter went from thinking that she was struggling with Maths to looking forward to seeing Holly every week. Holly taught Maths in a warm, non-dogmatic and meaningful way.

I loved eavesdropping on their lessons and fully understood the methods that Holly used. Holly took the trepidation out of getting the answer wrong and showed such patience, sincerity and warmth towards my daughter. My daughter went on to pass all 3 of her 8+ exams, 2 of which were highly academic and prestigious Central London prep schools.

I cannot commend Holly highly enough! Holly also tutors in English, and reasoning papers. A bonus and true all-rounder!

Parent of online 8 Plus student