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The 16 Plus exam is taken by students in Year 11 for entry into a school’s Sixth Form (or Year 12). The format of the exam can vary between schools. Some will set papers in the student’s chosen A-Level subjects, while others will set a general paper in Maths, English and Critical Thinking.  We can provide one-to-one 16 Plus tuition at home to students based in London and online to students based all over the world.  The tutors listed below are able to help students prepare for the 16 Plus exam across a variety of subjects.  You can view all 16 Plus tutors below or refine your results by using the search box above:

What is the 16 plus?

The 16+ exam is set by independent schools for entry into Year 12. Some independent schools start at Year 9, some at Year 7, and some earlier, but most have a Year 12 entry point, which means entry into their Sixth Form.

Additionally, many single-gender schools will open up to a co-educational provision at this entry point. It is worth noting that there may be specific
scholarships or bursaries available at these schools for one gender, designed to encourage diversity.

Which subjects are included in the 16+ exam?

This will depend on the subjects your child is planning to pursue in Year 12 for A-Level or IB. Most schools will allow potential 16+ applicants to sit exams in three or four subjects only, rather than requiring specific subject-assessments. 16+ entry usually comes with a requirement for particular grades at GCSE, and these will be detailed on the school website. Check the
entrance requirements for the school to which you are applying; this will avoid disappointment if GCSE predicted grades are unlikely to match up to these. Additionally, there is often an interview, and occasionally a standardized Critical Thinking or Reasoning exam.

How do I prepare my child for the 16+ exam?

It is also worth looking at the A-Level or IB specification for the subjects you are proposing to sit for the entrance exams. Whilst the exams will not assume knowledge of these, it is likely that academic staff who set the exams will be looking for students who are enthusiastic and proactive in their approach to the topics, and this needs to come across both at interview and
in written responses. Preparation for subject-specific exams needs a subject specialist, preferably a former or current teacher who also has experience of examining or marking. Do get in touch with us here at Owl Tutors if we can help!

My child has been invited to sit for 16 plus assessments. Can you help?

We have a number of 16 plus experienced tutors above. First and foremost it is important to identify which subjects your child is being assessed for and for which school.

We can provide experienced subject specialists for all 16 plus subjects, including the unique 16 plus General Paper.

We've been invited for a 16 plus interview at our desired school, can you help?

Yes, of course.

As our tutors are qualified teachers, they have experience of interviewing students for places. A number also work or have worked as Head of Sixth Forms or Headteachers, meaning they can provide top tips to help with 16 plus interview performance.

We are thinking of moving schools for sixth form study. Can you help?

We have worked with students who are applying to a number of independent schools with 16 plus exams. These include Brighton College, King’s College School Wimbledon and Westminster. For a complete list of the schools that have a 16 plus entry point, please see our School Guide.

Free Exam Papers

The following papers have been written in-house by our expert team of tutors.

They are free for anyone to use for non-commercial use.