Residential and Travel Tuition

What is Residential and Travel Tuition? 

Residential and Travel tuition is where a tutor travels to the student’s location to provide (usually intensive) tuition outside of the school setting. This can be for a short time, or be part of a longer-term engagement.  Most typically, this is provided to a student while they are on holiday or staying abroad.

How does Owl Tutors arrange Residential and Travel Tuition? 

The first step will involve creating a detailed brief of your specific requirements for tutoring.  This will include the basics such as subject/s that will need to be covered (and to what level), the location where the student will be based (whether that's at home or abroad), and the duration of the tuition period. We will then identify our best available tutors (all of whom are qualified teachers) based on your needs and send you a shortlist of options. 

Your chosen tutor/s will then travel to the agreed-upon location and provide tailored lessons based on the student's academic goals and needs.

The logistics 

When arranging Residential and Travel Tuition through Owl Tutors, clients are expected to cover travel costs and provide suitable accommodation, separate from the family’s main accommodation.  

Our tutors will provide a maximum of 5 hours a day of tuition (contact time) across a 5 day working week with 2 days off. Day rates for a tutor travel companion start from £1000. 

The benefits of Residential and Travel Tuition

Residential and Travel tuition allows students to receive dedicated one-to-one academic support from highly qualified tutors in a personalised and comfortable setting. This approach enables focused learning and accelerates progress.  Engaging with a tutor during holidays or trips abroad also ensures that students can continue their educational development without any disruption.

How do I arrange Residential and Travel Tuition with Owl Tutors? 

Please contact us and a member of the team will be happy to discuss your requirements with you. 

Sam made a connection with my son immediately and was able to bring the best out of him. He was firm when necessary. He proved to be very empathic as well and understood my son's personality very quickly! I highly recommend Sam.
Holly is a wonderful warm tutor, always in good spirit. She is really helping my kids. Her teaching methods are excellent. She is approachable, flexible and kind. Most importantly she considers my suggestions and want to achieve goals set for the children. Other English tutors we have experienced in the past do not like to listen to the parents or consider any idea from the bill payer.
Holly was really approachable, the family of the student she helped were really positive about the sessions and she was extremely flexible when things needed to be rearranged.
Phil helped my daughter a lot to prepare for the Entrance Exam and he covered all the key topics with homework after each lessons, which really consolidated learning and he always gave constructive feedback.
Jeni has been an absolute gem and has instilled some confidence in my daughter in her sciences. She has set off to the best start for this term to the point where she loves sciences at school and has been able to consolidate her learnings.