Residential Tuition

Residential tuition is particularly useful for people who need an intensive burst of educational support, but are unable to access someone appropriate locally. This can be for anything from a school-entrance exam, through GCSEs and A-Levels/IBs (or equivalent), and on to University preparation.

What we offer

We are able to provide qualified, native-English speaking teachers as tutors for both short- and long-term residential placements, both in the UK and worldwide. Our team of around one hundred tutors are based mostly in London, with more scattered around the world, and of these we have a good number we can put forwards for residential tuition placements worldwide. From this base we have experts in many fields, from people with track records of getting students into top schools to tutors with 100% success rates on A-Levels and International Baccalaureates. All our tutors have qualified as teachers in the UK, all holding excellent qualifications and a track record of high attainment in the classroom. We have personally interviewed and vetted everyone on our books, and hold copies of every tutor’s teaching certificates, degrees and criminal records checks (CRB/DBS in the UK).



We will do our best to find you a tutor at any time of year. That being said, our most popular tutors are often booked far in advance, and so we are more likely to find you the most appropriate tutor for your needs with a longer notice period.
We have a number of professional tutors on our books, who tutor full-time and are generally open and available for this kind of work. We also have a good number of our tutors who teach full-time in English schools. Whilst this means they will have up-to-date knowledge of curriculum and admissions requirements, as a result are only able to do residential tuition during school holidays. These generally tie in with holidays at international schools, with the usual structure being 2/3 weeks around Easter, 6 weeks from mid July to late August and 2/3 weeks over Christmas. “Half term” holidays are also common in the UK, please call to enquire re exact dates.


Our rates for residential tuition are negotiated between us and the tutor, but will cover a normal working day of tuition and all the tutor’s teaching materials. Reasonable expenses such as travel and accommodation must also be covered by the client. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Holiday tuition

Another common request is for a tutor to accompany a family on holiday. (We have included the information for this under residential tuition, as the arrangements are essentially the same).

As with residential tuition, we can provide you with a qualified teacher to travel or stay with you for all or part of your holiday. Please contact us if you require more information on fees or tutor availability.