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All Owl Tutors are qualified teachers. We offer one-to-one Maths tuition at all levels: from Primary and school entrance exams to GCSE, IGCSE, A-Level, IB and STEP. We can provide Maths tuition at home to students based in London and online to students based all over the world.  Refine your results by using the search box above, or view all Maths tutors below:

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The following papers have been written in-house by our expert team of tutors.

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Why use a qualified teacher as an Mathematics tutor?

A qualified Mathematics teacher is not only guaranteed to have the requisite subject knowledge, but will also be an experienced classroom practitioner trained in educating a range of young people with varying aptitudes, temperaments and needs. In the course of their careers they will have built up a library of teaching and learning resources – including past exam papers and revision resources – and will also have experience in marking papers, whether for internal school exams, entrance assessments or for public examination boards. When it comes to preparing for formal exams, they will of necessity have become familiar with the specific requirements of different examination boards or schools which, despite the broad overlap in the essential concepts, can nonetheless vary significantly in terms of the style of exam questions and the approaches required to succeed. For instance: which formulas are candidates given, and which ones should they memorise? Which calculators among those permitted are the most useful, and why? Likewise, they will know why a past OCR-MEI paper can be good training for an OCR A Level, but also why the reverse doesn’t necessarily hold, and so forth. Knowledge of this kind comes only with experience gained, for the most part, as a qualified professional.

What is the difference between having Maths tuition at home and online?

Until fairly recently it would have been impossible for online lessons to approach face-to-face sessions in their effectiveness for young people learning mathematics. Indeed, and even despite today’s technology, in terms of fostering communication, and the attendant rapport and confidence between teacher and pupil, home tuition will always have a certain edge in those respects. Having said that, there’s now an enormous range of applications and tools that make online tuition terrifically effective in a way that simply wouldn’t have been possible a few short years ago – all the more so, given the complementarity of computers with mathematics itself. While many people are now aware of the possibilities of file sharing, video conferencing, screen-sharing and so forth, the growth of online whiteboards such as IDroo and BitPaper – with specialised mathematical functionality allowing equations, graphs and the like to be easily be drawn on the fly – has transformed expectations in terms of what can be achieved. Online tests, mathematical games and other tasks can also be undertaken, supervised by the tutor or else assessed later, all of which adds a layer of fun and challenge to the subject that would be impossible without the technology we now take for granted.