Meet our 8 plus tutors

Our 8 plus tutors are all experienced teachers who can provide one to one tuition to applicants. We will try to match you with a tutor who has experience of supporting children to the specific school or schools you are targeting. For this age range, our 8 plus tutors are Prep or Primary experienced teachers so can provide focused support for all elements of the assessments as well as interview preparation.

You can find a comprehensive list of our 8 plus tutors below.

What is the 8 plus exam?

The 8+ exam is set by a number of independent schools for entry into Year 4. If this is not a traditional entry point for the school to which you are applying then this may also be described as an ‘occasional place’.

You may be thinking about 8+ entry because your child is at a state primary school or a prep school and you wish them to move schools. Additionally, it may be the case that your child was unsuccessful at 7+ entry, and wishes to try for 8+ entry to the same school (most schools allow this, but it is a good idea to check). 8+ exams (often referred to as ‘assessments’) are generally set when schools have places for entry into Year 4.

Sometimes the school may not be able to let you know until quite near the time of the assessment whether or not they have a place. They may also provide details of the assessment at quite late notice, meaning a tutor can really help with this last-minute preparation. The admissions policy (usually available on the school website) will give you an idea what the school’s policy on 8+ entry or ‘occasional places’ is.

You can find out more about the 8 plus exam here.

Which subjects are included in the 8 plus exam?

Each 8+ exam is slightly different, and a tutor will prepare your child for a specific school (or multiple schools) exam, rather than for a generic assessment. However, there are similarities between the exams which are worth considering.

Generally, the exam is in three parts: English, Maths and Reasoning.

English assessments often include reading aloud, multiple choice and short answer comprehension, spelling, grammar and punctuation tests, and a short piece of free writing.

Maths assessments will be based on the National Curriculum for Year 3, but will include stretch and challenge questions and are likely to be a mix of verbal questions (sometimes called mental maths) and written responses to word problems.

Reasoning is likely to include a mix of verbal, non-verbal and spatial, and is often used to assess a child’s future ability in subjects like Science. There is also often a short interview, sometimes including parents as well. It is often the case that schools will only send out subject-specific information about their 8+ exams to parents who have registered and confirmed their interest in a place. Please make sure you pass this information onto your tutorr at the earliest opportunity.

How do I prepare my child for the 8 plus exam?

There are a few options to ensure your child feels confident and prepared for their 8+ exams. The exam usually (although not always) takes place in March of Year 3, so it is a good idea to start preparation around six months before, at the start of Year 2. Successful preparation for the 8+ exams can be done at home using practice papers, regular reading aloud and problem solving together.

There are also specific 8+ practice papers available from Owl Tutors, written by tutors with experience of the actual exams. An Owl Tutor will also be incredibly helpful, as they can work one to one with your child and learn their individual needs to target specific gaps or issues. Please ask your tutor for a personalized reading list, which they will be happy to provide based on your child’s interests and hobbies. Online tutoring has been shown to be very successful at this age, and children of this age are generally very happy to work interactively with a dynamic tutor on a screen for up to an hour. Please do get in touch if we can help!

Free Exam Papers

The following papers have been written in-house by our expert team of tutors.

They are free for anyone to use for non-commercial use.

Shu is a fantastic tutor. She has years of experience as a qualified teacher and tutor, which made a huge difference to our son’s 7+ preparation process. From the first lesson we could see that Shu has a very structured deeply thought approach to teaching- she always focused on starting with concepts and building foundations. We really appreciated this, and so did our son, he enjoyed learning with her.

Shu made very astute judgments on our son's potential and was able to ascertain very quickly the areas where our son needed to work on. She worked with us to create a plan for approaching the exams. As parents, she gave us a lot of assurance throughout the process and managed our expectations, limiting our stress. Although she was strict with our son, she knew where to push and how to get results out of him, being mindful always of where his limits were.

We saw a great chemistry between them. She has a great way of dealing with children, making them accountable for their work and creating an inner motivation for excellence. We were amazed that he was happy to sit for as long as 2 hours with minimal breaks, and I think he looked forward to her lessons sometimes, which is a miracle!

We really got the sense that teaching is her passion, and this makes all the difference to the child’s learning experience. We supplemented our work with Shu with research on exam formats, techniques etc. Shu is very collaborative, flexible and pragmatic in her approach, but also unafraid to be direct and transparent. We worked really well as a team, and in 7 weeks of working together, our son got into the top school of our choice. It was an absolute pleasure dealing and interacting with Shu, and we would highly recommend her to any parents looking for additional support for their child in the school examination process. Thank you Shu!

Parent of 7 Plus student