13 Plus and Common Entrance exam papers

The following papers have been written by our 13 Plus tutors, all of whom are qualified teachers with experience of preparing students for entrance exams. They are free for anyone to use for non-commercial use.

The papers are designed to reflect the various examination styles used and expected levels at 13+.  

Did you find these papers useful? Let us know below!

21 responses to “13 Plus and Common Entrance exam papers”

  1. JG4321 says:

    I’m not a client of Owl Tutors but wanted to respond to the various requests (some of which are slightly aggressive!) for answer booklets. These papers are provided for free – I don’t think it’s reasonable to expect a business to provide the answers as well. It’s a gesture of goodwill to provide sample papers, not a paid for service to also provide the answers. Most adults should be able to assess whether their child has answered the question accurately and therefore find the papers useful. So thank you for providing the sample papers!

    • Owl Tutors says:

      Dear JG4321

      Thanks for reading. We’re glad you found the papers useful!

      Best of luck with any revision these are helping with

      Owl Tutors

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