"Sobia began working with our daughter approximately 1 month before she was due to take 13+ Entrance Exams at various Independant Schools in the UK. Living overseas, we experienced online tutoring for the first time and although we were somewhat apprehensive at first as to whether this would work for our daughter, Sobia quickly banished those fears and as the weeks passed by we could see our daughter's confidence in her ability to do well in the Exams growing and growing.

Net result our daughter was accepted at 3 highly rated Independent Schools and waitlisted at a fourth. This included the award of a Discretionary Academic Scholarship that we hadn't even applied for!!!

We can't thank Sobia enough for helping our daughter through this very demanding and stressful time. She is a wonderful, dedicated, caring teacher and she has been a massive part of our daughter's success.

We would highly recommend her to prospective parents and students"

Kevin, father of online 13 Plus student

Wednesday, 4th March 2020