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Magdalen College School entrance guide

Magdalen College School is an historic and prestigious educational institution that boasts a truly impressive alumni. It prides itself on being ‘rigorous’ but ‘relaxed’, ‘ambitious’ but also ‘down to earth’ – it could also be described as ‘elite’, ‘historic ‘and ‘thorough’. Beyond academics, the opportunities that are on offer at the school are second to none.

Below, you will find a guide put together by one of our school entrance tutors, who has extensive experience supporting applicants to Magdalen College School (MCS).

11 Plus Magdalen College Guide

Ally, is a qualified teacher and experienced school entrance specialist, who has supported a number of applicants to Magdalen College over the years.  So, the claim on the school website is that boys don’t need to have special preparation to sit the 11+ entrance tests. This is a popular phrase with most, if not all academically selective schools. Unfortunately, children are not born with a natural ability to pass tests, and this is a skill that needs to be learned. Whilst you don’t need to use a tutor to succeed in obtaining a place at the school, you will probably have to do exam preparation outside of school due the sheer fact that these processes are extremely competitive.

The Magdalen College School Selection Process (11 Plus)

The MCS selection process has a slightly different format to most of the London schools; namely, the English exam comprises of two written tasks (rather than the standard comprehension and written task); one fiction and the other non-fiction. This is accompanied by an hour-long maths and a 45-minute verbal reasoning test. These are closer to the assessments found in other schools, but it is worth ensuring your child is working towards the upper end of their year. For example mental arithmetic practice will not only help them in their assessments, but also during the interview stage. In the afternoon, boys remain at the school for an afternoon of activities which are designed to be relaxed and fun. This will also be an opportunity for pupil's to experience 'School life' and meet representatives from the current cohort of students.

The 11 plus Interview at Magdalen College School

It's worth bearing in mind that although the formal assessments have ended, boys will be monitored for courteous behaviour, as they would at the current schools. The results of the entry test determine who are invited back to interview and this is where the panel take the chance to assess the pupil’s analysis of a short text, which they will be required to read and comment on; carry out some follow up maths questions and get to know the boys’ interests and hobbies. It's important that pupils are not over-prepped for interviews as the interviewer (usually a senior member of staff) will be able to distinguish between recited responses and genuine thoughts. A great way to prepare is to have frequent discussions at home about current affairs, favourite books and hobbies etc. The more your child discusses these things, the easier they will be able to talk about them in a new environment. These assessments are designed to select the ‘most promising’ pupils for their schools. It is no secret that these tests are challenging, and push children far beyond age expected expectations. But every year I see pupils develop, grow and exceed what they thought they were capable of!
We could not have asked for a better fit for our son. Emily made him comfortable from the start and he actually enjoyed the tutoring. He is now thriving and at his new school and this is part due to the dialogue between her and his teacher. Emily is really approachable and flexible. Our son was prepared and not anxious for his 11+ exams and that owes significant debt to Emily
Abigail is great with our daughter, making the lessons engaging and helping her to understand the methods behind the answer rather than rote learning. She is able to help explain things in different ways if our daughter isn't initially able to grasp the concept.
Helen is simply an amazing tutor. She is exceptional at explaining maths and english to our son, especially when he needs a bit of extra support in specific areas. She is also extremely organised, structuring his learning around his own needs, as well as highly communicative with us as parents so that we are all on the same page. The cherry on the cake is that she is also warm, friendly, and smiley. Our son always enjoys his sessions with her, as they're joyful but have also really helped him build his skills and confidence.
Alex was great at helping our daughter feel confident before and during the 11+ by working on her less strong areas. She was also excellent at supporting the interview prep making sure she had tools to deal with any questions that came up rather than scripting answers. She was notably more confident after speaking to Alex.
Jacqueline is a fabulous tutor! She is excellent at engaging my somewhat head strong daughter and has not only picked up on her strengths, but is encouraging her to build on them which is increasing her confidence. Jacqueline’s knowledge is second to none, but what makes her wonderful has been her ability to get to know my daughter, understand her way of thinking and adapt a teaching style that brings out her best work. I trust Jacqueline 100% and no longer sit in on my daughters sessions. I leave them to it as I know Jacqueline has the experience and level of expectation that is needed to help my daughter reach her full potential.