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Georgina's biography:

Before embarking on a career in education, Georgina graduated from Sussex University in 2002, after a four year course that included a year studying abroad. She was then accepted as a doctoral student at Sussex University and completed a wide ranging thesis covering both experimental and theoretical Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. After this she worked as a postdoctoral research scientist at Oxford University in the Inorganic Chemistry Labs.
In 2010 Georgina went on to study and train with the Inspire PGCE program at Imperial College. This gave her valuable skills teaching KS3, KS4 and KS5 science at two different schools across London. She also delivered a set of outreach talks at another six schools. These were themed around her research interests in Catalytic Chemistry. Currently she maintains an ongoing interest in chemical research and evidence based teaching methods, and was recently (in 2018) awarded MRSC status with the Royal Society of Chemistry. She uses these skills to help her students develop a deeper understanding and interest in their studies, so that they start to enjoy their homework and revision and go on to improve their examination outcomes.

It is through tailored personalised courses of tutoring, that her students improve and build their Chemistry confidence. She helps her students to realise that, wherever they are starting from, it is possible with ongoing checks of prior knowledge, and repeated honing of study skills to improve their exam results.

Georgina has over nine years’ teaching experience, including six years teaching A Level Chemistry at various sixth form colleges. Nearly all of her thousands of past students have gone on to University, Medical School or work in the Scientific Sector via Apprenticeships. Many of her students also achieved medals in extra-curricular exams such as the Cambridge Chemistry Challenge. She also has some experience adapting revision resources for a student aiming to complete the Cambridge International Pre-U Chemistry qualifications.

Georgina examines for one of the main A Level Chemistry examination boards and in 2019 she achieved an award from the Joint Council for Qualifications for “services to examining”. Her students benefit from this expertise, as she is highly aware of the common mistakes made by candidates. She can help her students build some key techniques into their academic skillset that will help them to avoid making these errors. She ensures that her students, through practice and revisiting of key concepts and skills, are aware of how to answer examination questions with the appropriate attention to detail.

Georgina now specialises in online tuition and learning, and is currently (2020) authoring and reviewing several large sets of online lessons for a distance-learning international A Level Chemistry course. Her online tutees have all proven to benefit from this expertise, and enjoy completing her interactive and engaging lessons.

Case Studies:

A year 11 student was quite anxious about his upcoming summer exams in iGCSE Chemistry. The aim of the sessions was to ensure he achieved a grade 7 in his exams. He thought he would get a grade 6. They went through and diagnosed some target areas, via completion of a range of multiple choice questions. He then completed a course of lessons over a three month period prior to his exams, with the first six lessons focusing on his target areas. He started to improve his knowledge and understanding. Throughout this time he also completed synoptic examination questions, so that Georgina could continually monitor his progress. He started to complete some of the additional practice problems that were given to him in-between sessions, and then he would often attempt to self-mark them. He benefited from the positive feedback and support that Georgina offered throughout. He became confident in completing examination papers after only 6 lessons. He kept practicing and at one point started asking Georgina for extra work! This was a different more confident student compared to when he first signed up for tuition. He actually achieved an 8 in his iGCSE Chemistry and went on to do A Level Chemistry.

An Oxford Biology graduate healthcare worker who wanted to apply to one of the few funded Post-Graduate Medical courses of study. She lacked a good grade in A Level Chemistry and wanted to achieve an A to make her application stand out. She had achieved a D grade on her first attempt, in 2018, at AQA A Level Chemistry. This was because she, in her own words; “underestimated A Level Chemistry”. She then decided, alongside working long hours in a care home, to repeat the exams the following year and again entered as an independent candidate. This time she was matched with Georgina and they put together a structured plan of lessons focusing on the second year topics, alongside synoptic year one problems, to ensure that year one topics continued to be reinforced. Between January 2019 to June 2019 she completed at least one face to face two hour lesson, and sometimes an additional one hour online lesson each week. This ensured that she covered and learnt the entire syllabus. She did not always manage to complete all the additional work set, due to the demands of her care work, but despite this, she stayed positive and she would cover a huge amount of learning each session. She was encouraged by Georgina to ask questions and this helped her improve immensely. When she completed additional practice problems between sessions, she would often show Georgina these, and then any areas of misunderstanding could be cleared up. Georgina gave ongoing face to face, online and email support to help this student through her studies. In the end she got an A grade in her Summer 2019 A Level exam. She then went on to get three interviews and offers from St George’s, UoL and Warwick. She’s recently accepted a place at St George’s, starting in August 2020.

A year 11 International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program student wanted some help with her Chemistry studies. She was already achieving a reasonable grade 5 (out of 7) but wanted to improve this. Since autumn 2019 this student has been doing online tuition with Georgina. In June 2020 she received a prize in her schools end of year award ceremony for being one her years “top five Chemistry students”. She has also achieved a grade seven in her end of year exam, as well as several grade sevens in various pieces of investigative coursework this semester. She is very pleased with her progress and is now looking forward to studying Chemistry at Higher Level through year 12 and year 13.

A IB Chemistry student in Germany was struggling with the demands of the course, and needed some help catching up. Georgina has been delivering long term support since the Summer of 2019 and the student has moved from a 3 up to achieving 5s and 6s in various assessments. This upwards trend in achievement seems to be continuing, and he is showing that he is much more prepared for his HL exams in 2021. There has been reduced teaching at school which may partly be a result of the current Covid 19 restrictions, but with ongoing online tuition he has been able to cover and learn a lot of the missed work. He is also much better at gaining the "explain" marks in the HL paper 2 style questions, as we have really focused on learning and understanding all the keywords. He also say's he now "enjoys Chemistry again", which is great news. He is looking ahead to the future with optimism and is applying for Chemistry Engineering degrees (updated Dec 2020).

Georgina's qualifications:

Georgina qualified to teach Chemistry in 2011, and holds a PGCE 11-18 QTS and Induction completed. from Canterbury Christ Church University and the General Teaching Council.

University NameName of degreeYear of graduation
University of SussexDoctor of Philosophy2008
University of SussexBachelor of Science with Honours Chemistry with North American Studies2002

Georgina's International Baccalaureate (IB) experience:

This tutor is currently online tutoring a year 11 student IB Chemistry.


We collect references for all of our tutors when they join. Not all referees agree to have their reference publically listed, but when they do we show them here.

I have known Georgina (George) since she entered Sussex University as an undergraduate more than 10 years ago, and I taught her as an undergraduate. After graduating with a BSc in Chemistry with North American Studies, George started a D.Phil. degree under my supervision and was awarded her doctorate in 2008. George is an excellent communicator and enjoys teaching; as a D. Phil. student she demonstrated for me on several occasions in undergraduate workshops. Within my research group, she worked supportively with more junior D. Phil. students and was always happy to share her knowledge and data with successors. George contributed to the weekly group meetings, gave research talks at Sussex and Nottingham University, and presented her research both at national conferences and international conferences. In all cases, her presentation skills were exemplary and her work was received extremely well. After graduating from Sussex, she undertook post-doctoral research with Prof Jenny Green at Oxford before pursuing a career in teaching. In June 2013 and 2014 she attended the Chemistry Teachers Conference at Sussex University, which involved lab CPD activities and during the summer of 2013 George joined my research group, as a volunteer, to work on a computational research project entitled “Exploring double group symmetry and the spin-orbit coupled states of [UCl4].” This contributed to on-going research in my group in collaboration with an experimental research group. Since I have known George she has always been a lively, charismatic and competent individual who combines study and work with a wide range of outside activities. She is also very likeable and approachable. She is a skilled communicator and is well motivated and works hard at all that she does. Given her teaching experience and expertise in chemistry research, she has all the personal and professional attributes required to make an excellent tutor; I recommend her to you whole-heartedly.

Monday, 8th April 2019

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