What are the benefits of Online Tuition?

Access to the best tutors

Home tuition limits your search to the tutors who live close to you (and tutors will always try to keep their travel time to a minimum). By contrast, online tuition allows you to pick from the best tutors in the world, increasing your chances of finding the right match.

A cost-effective option

By cutting out travel costs (in terms of both time and money), tutors are likely to be in a position to lower their hourly rate for online tuition. On average, online sessions will be £10 per hour cheaper than home sessions with the same tutor.

Harness the power of technology

In many ways, online session can be more interactive - and produce higher quality work - than home tuition. For example, it’s easier and clearer to complete a graph or annotate a passage (and amend any errors) on a purpose made programme! At the end of each session, all work can be saved in one place, readily accessible for when it comes to revision time.

Continuity of tuition

Travel can disrupt tuition, and weeks worth of sessions can be missed when either the student or tutor goes away. With online tuition, sessions can continue to take place regardless of where in the world you have travelled to. We do of course encourage both students and tutors to take well-earned breaks!