Economics IA Articles for the IB 2016-2017


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September 12th, 2016

Last updated: January 3rd, 2019

Economics IA Articles for the IB 2016-2017

Finding a suitable newspaper article can be tricky and often you might not know if it is suitable for your Econ IA portfolio. The following links below are recently selected IA Newspaper articles, approved by an IB Econ teacher and ready for your use:


Demand and Supply or Market Failure: Externalities
Demand and Supply
Demand and Supply and Theory of the Firm (HL)
Theory of the Firm (HL)
Government Intervention and Market Failure
Market Failure: Externalities



Economic Growth, Unemployment and Inflation
Economic Growth



Protectionism General
Protectionism and Retaliation
Economic Integration and Protectionism
Economic Integration – Free Trade



Aid vs Trade
Micro Credits
Fair Trade
Millennium Development Goals / Sustainable Development Goals
Economic Indicators

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  1. Avatar for Rhea Rhea says:

    These are very helpful but I need recent ones and I cannot find anything like the ones here for macroeconomics. Can you help find articles for 2017-18 also?

    • Avatar for Owl Tutors Owl Tutors says:

      Dear Rhea

      Thanks for reading!

      These were written as a guide only. If you need up to date information we would recommend speaking to your teacher.

      Best of luck in your IA!

      Owl Tutors

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