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13 Plus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics & Science

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My daughter loved working with Gareth. He worked hard to research the subject area for her specific test, Gareth is encouraging and supportive. We highly recommend Gareth

Parent of grammar school student

Gareth's biography

Gareth has been teaching science for many years covering KS1 to KS4 Biology, Chemistry & Physics in a secondary school helping pupils succeed in their GCSE exams across different exam boards. All pupils he has taught up to GCSE have achieved beyond their expected grades as have pupils entered on Entry level Certificates for science. He has worked with many pupils who have significant learning gaps and he shows an array of creative ways to engage learners to help them foster a love of learning in science to ensure they make progress from whatever level they are at.

He draws on his extensive life experiences to help create a vibrant and engaging learning space that is specific to the learner but can be applied to the real world as much as possible. This includes using skills he has learned in his former jobs as a zoo keeper and ranger and a combined 18 months of travelling the world and volunteering in different communities.

He further honed his online teaching skills through the Covid-19 lockdowns helping pupils experiment with science at home in their kitchens, utuilising interactive whiteboards, google classroom and quizzes to help them progress through KS3 and KS4 science.

Gareth has written a complete, specific Science curriculum from Year 7 to 11 for the Green Room School where he currently works. He has also helped set up a BTEC in Land Based Studies specialising in teaching in animal care. As the school has grown, he has been a duty manager when the head of school was not in, assisting the exams officer in exams season and running monthly CPD sessions for staff.

Gareth firmly believes in creating well-rounded young people, not just focusing on grades. Developing relationships is essential for any tutoring to work. While he will help pupils succeed academically, he also aims to help learners become curious, analytical, reflective, willing to make mistakes, and empowered to take charge of their learning to succeed in the world beyond education.

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Gareth's qualifications

Gareth qualified to teach Science in 2021, and holds a QTS from Teaching Regulation Agency - Department for Education.

University name Name of degree Year of graduation
Academy of Contemporary Music (Middlesex University) BA (Hons) Contemporary Popular Music (Specialising in Music Business) 2005

Subjects tutored:

13 Plus (Science)

Biology (KS3, GCSE AQA, GCSE Edexcel, GCSE OCR and IGCSE)

Chemistry (KS3, GCSE AQA, GCSE Edexcel, GCSE OCR and IGCSE)

Physics (KS3, GCSE AQA, GCSE Edexcel, GCSE OCR and IGCSE)

Science (KS1, KS2, KS3, GCSE AQA, GCSE Edexcel, GCSE OCR and IGCSE)

SEN experience:

Gareth has almost 5 years of experience working with pupils diagnosed with a range of SEN, including dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, PDA, ASC, ADHD, ADD and selective mutism.
He also worked with pupils who have intense anxiety connected with any learning environment, struggle to communicate verbally and can be very sensitive to sensory changes. Many pupils I have worked with often have emotional & behavioural difficulties with very low confidence in their academic abilities.
Gareth has also had CPD sessions on selective mutism, neurodiversity, and various courses to help further understand Autism Spectrum Conditions.