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11 Plus, Economics, Maths and Philosophy

David's biography:

David is on a mission to raise standards of numeracy and to eliminate 'maths-phobia' wherever it is found. He has always been and remains a strong student, getting 10 A and A*s at GCSE, 4 As at A level, going on to achieve a First and a prize for academic excellence from the University of Edinburgh, studying Philosophy and Economics. David has always been the first to support his friends in their learning, and is a naturally creative, inspiring and patient teacher whose enthusiasm for all learning is contagious. David has taught for 3 years at an inner-city school, rated "Outstanding" by Ofsted, where his role included co-ordinating Key Stage 4 Maths and the implementation of a whole-school numeracy strategy.

David will make a great tutor for two types of student. He will be a great choice for students doing alright in class, but needing that extra encouragement and enthusiasm, as well as the critical teaching and training to get the top grades and finish ahead of their peers. David will also make an excellent tutor for students who are 'maths-phobic' and who, because of a negative experience of maths or an unproductive relationship with past teachers, have been turned off maths. David is a specialist in turning this attitude around and, through his creative learning design and his patience and enthusiasm for the subject will make a mathematical success out of all his students. Outside of teaching and tutoring, David is a fully-qualified fencing instructor, and is qualified to drive Dutch barges on the River Thames!

David's qualifications:

David qualified to teach Maths in 2010, and holds a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) from Newcastle University.

University NameName of degreeYear of graduation
University of EdinburghMA (Hons) Philosophy and Economics2009

Recent testimonials:

"David has been inspiring and outstanding as a tutor for our son. he has taught him so much more than maths during his lessons.

I can't recommend him highly enough."

Thursday, 3rd December 2015

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