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Peter's biography:

Peter studied History at St Catherine's College, Oxford. After graduating, Peter spent four years working in state secondary schools, teaching KS3, GCSE and A Level. He gained his teaching qualification at an Essex secondary school, and was graded at the highest possible level. Peter has a track record of excellent exam results, often guiding students towards two whole grades of progress, and has consistently been awarded Outstanding in lesson observations. He has worked with students of all abilities, and has had particular success in challenging and pushing students on to A and A* grades at GCSE and A Level. Peter has supported students in their university applications, including providing mock Oxbridge interviews, and has promoted high academic standards throughout his teaching practice.

Peter works hard to ensure that all tuition is finely tailored to the needs of the individual student. He firmly believes that a supportive environment paired with consistent, specific feedback is crucial to student progress. Peter closely analyses the curriculum and exam board criteria in order to ensure every chance of exam success. Peter is passionate about History and delivers content in an interesting, thought-provoking manner. Peter is keen to encourage students' curiosity about the past, and students have often commented on how engaging Peter's teaching style is. He specialises in modern world history, but has a strong subject and curriculum knowlegde of all areas.

Peter's qualifications:

Peter qualified to teach History in 2017, and holds a "Straight to Teaching" (through TES Institute) from TES Institute.

University NameName of degreeYear of graduation
University of OxfordBA History2014


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Peter is an outstanding teacher. For the vast majority of pupils in Peter’s class history was their highest achievement on results day. 67% of pupils in Peter’s class achieved an A/A* at GCSE and all pupils in his A2 class were proud of their history result. Peter is able to deliver content in a concise way to ensure the best outcomes for his pupils. He has a particular strength in pushing those pupils capable of obtaining the highest grades.

Wednesday, 20th March 2019

Peter is an excellent young History teacher with an outstanding historical knowledge, particularly of Twentieth century topics. Whilst he was History teacher at Ormiston Rivers Academy, he taught with great success across KS3, KS4 and KS5. His value added results for his examination classes were very impressive for such a young teacher, consistently achieving positive VA across his rather mixed ability classes. He was able to diversify to teach the Level 3 Extended Project in Sixth Form, whereby he demonstrated an excellent general knowledge, political awareness and a nuance for 1:1 instruction. His results in these subjects helped the Academy achieve an outstanding Progress 8 figure at KS4 and placed the History and Extended Project courses in the ALPS Directory of Good Practice for Post-16 provision. He is adept at teaching History across a wide range of topics and eras and has a strong sense of morality that underpins his work ethic. As an employee, his attendance, punctuality and conduct was exemplary, leading him to rapidly become a highly valued member of our teaching staff. His relationships with students was particularly impressive, whereby he enthused and assisted a great number of students as classroom teacher, mentor and UCAS applications assistant. He has a wealth of knowledge of UK universities and used this to help guide students and raise overall aspirations in our Sixth Form. He is an outstanding young talent in the field of education, whom I cannot recommend highly enough. He would be a valuable asset to your organisation and is absolutely worth considering as a potential employee.

Wednesday, 20th March 2019

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Peter says...

I am currently teaching part time, but am leaving this post in either February half term or at Easter. From then on I will have much greater availability.