Working from Home: Advice for GCSE and A-Level Geography students

Timothy is a tutor with Owl Tutors


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March 20th, 2020

Working from Home: Advice for GCSE and A-Level Geography students

In this blog, Geography tutor Tim offers some great advice and free resources to any Geography students who will be continuing their GCSE or A-Level studies at home. Sticking to a routine and following the syllabus will keep you on track!

Stick to a Routine

Firstly, to remain focussed and motivated, it is very important that you structure your day in a similar way to your school time-table – you need routine.

OK, you’re a teenager so be a little kind to yourself and move the lessons forward an hour – start at 10am not 9.00am!

Find a comfortable, well lit, and quiet space to study – always use the same space.

Take Breaks

Make sure you take breaks. You can’t concentrate for more than 20 minutes at a time, so a short break half way through your ‘lesson’ is a good idea: get up and walk around a bit, practise your juggling, or do 10 press-ups – something positive to ‘chunk’ the studying. 

Follow your Geography Syllabus

Next, download a copy of your syllabus (google the exact syllabus), e.g.  )

Work through this syllabus, with your school notes. Fill in any gaps by referring to your textbook or a revision guide (CGP do easy to use guides ). Next, take notes from these notes and condense your knowledge down onto records cards so that you can carry these with you and learn the details.

Test yourself

Finally test yourself by using past papers – download from the same site that you got your syllabus. 

Try and find either a study buddy or a group of buddies (online!) that you can share your work and experiences with, or go to for help – use your social media skills to good effect!  

Free learning resources for revision

Here are some of my favourite free geography sites for revision:

and specifically for GCSE

Finally: don’t forget to revise your fieldwork. Don’t forget to learn your case-studies (and use them in your answers!)

Timothy is a tutor with Owl Tutors

More about Timothy

Timothy qualified as a teacher in Geography in 1986 to 2018, and now works as a tutor with Owl Tutors.