Dr Tim’s Blog. Pre U Geography. New Year resolution: know your exam papers! Part 2

Timothy is a tutor with Owl Tutors


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January 28th, 2019

Dr Tim’s Blog. Pre U Geography. New Year resolution: know your exam papers! Part 2

This is a series of blogs- this being the second - on how to gain a top merit or hopefully distinction grade. I shall Interpret the examiners comments for safe and easy digestion! I will look at each of the 4 papers in separate blogs.

Paper 2 (9768/02) Global Themes

This is only one hour and 30 mins long. You have to answer 2 essay style questions. One from section A and one from section B.  There are 25 marks available for each essay – giving a total of 50 marks. You will have a choice of one from 2 questions in the areas you have studied. CHOOSE carefully! Read both questions deliberately at least twice before you decide then STICK with it!

Before you get anywhere near the exam hall get to know the general mark scheme – this is the key to success! See


In the exam:

  • Make sure you write a lot! 4-6 sides of the answer booklet per essay question (yes you can do it in the 45 mins per essay available).
  • Show terrific geographical vocabulary, use up to date examples, and quotes. Know your theories.
  • Deconstruct the question – know your command words and FOLLOW them!
  • Structure the essay properly, so DO write a short plan (give yourself about 5 mins for this) using the tried and tested sections:
    Introduction – purposeful and with accurate definitions. Middle – evidence, analysis and argument : TOP TIP: keep it relevant
    Conclusion – drive home your position.

Timothy is a tutor with Owl Tutors

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