School Entrance Guide

Schools are listed in alphabetical order, but you can also search by entry point. Where possible, we have included information on entrance procedures, relevant blogs and other practical information that parents may find useful.

Latest testimonial

"Alan has been tutoring my Year 8 son, online, in Maths and Physics since August 2019. The initial aim was to support his Maths learning at a high performing independent school but a short time into the sessions it became clear Alan could also support my son in physics. Alan has been quick and thorough at identifying and addressing my son's weaknesses and gaps in his understanding. He pre-planned and led the sessions but equally responded to my son's requests to go over certain topics as needed. He set a small amount of weekly homework and regularly suggested additional resources. My son has benefited enormously from his time with Alan, most notably excelling in Physics and making a significant improvement in Maths. Alan has been very flexible with my son's busy school schedule and has always been online at the scheduled time. He is professional, kind and patient. We highly recommend Alan for Maths or Physics tutoring in a secondary setting."

Mother of Year 8 pupil

Wednesday, 8th July 2020