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Sallie's biography:

Sallie is an experienced international mathematics teacher whose main passion in education is working with students to build understanding. She forges links between the material they already understand and what they still need to develop, working with the student as an individual with their own levels of understanding. She wants her students not only to know how to answer the question, but also understand why they follow the steps that they do and how this leads them to a sensible answer.

Sallie studied for her undergraduate degree in Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh, and qualified as a mathematics teacher at the University of York a year later. From here she moved to London, where she worked at an inner city school, teaching students from across the range in year 7 through to Further Maths A-levels. At this time, she also began working as an examiner for the A-Level exam boards, and continues to mark for them as an Expert Examiner with highly accurate grading.

After working in London, Sallie decided to venture out into the wider world (and better weather!) and took an international school placement in El Salvador. Here she worked for three years, teaching iGCSE (Cambridge) and IB mathematics. Her passion for teaching mathematics with an emphasis on student centered learning led to her running continuous professional development within the school. She was also promoted to Head of Mathematics where she led the department through the change in IB curricula.

Sallie's qualifications:

Sallie qualified to teach Maths in 2013, and holds a PGCE: Mathematics from University of York.

University NameName of degreeYear of graduation
University of YorkPGCE: Mathematics2013
University of EdinburghBachelor of Science (Hons) Mathematics2012

Sallie's International Baccalaureate (IB) experience:

Sallie has taught and led a department in IB Diploma Mathematics. Her Higher Level mathematics class last year achieved exceptional results, all completing strong Internal Assessments and doing well in the final examinations. In addition, she has a strong understanding of the new IB curriculum as she worked with the department to create teaching materials for the new courses. Sallie has completed official SL Maths (Cat 2) training for the IB.

In addition to teaching for the IB, Sallie works as an official examiner for the IB, grading IAs. She has lots of ideas for IAs and knows exactly what the examiner is looking for!

Recent testimonials:


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Sallie is an exceptional teacher with a wealth of experience. She is able to plan engaging sessions for students and is adaptable to work at the correct pace for her students. I highly recommend Sallie!

Thursday, 24th October 2019

In the three years that I worked with Sallie, she particularly impressed me as an incredibly hardworking individual, dedicated to the success of each of her students. She has in-depth knowledge of curricula and exam syllabuses and she regularly varies the teaching techniques she uses in order to keep students engaged. Her passion for Mathematical Mindsets helps even the most reluctant learners engage with and experience success in maths. Sallie is also fully committed to her own professional development, as well as supporting others to continue to progress.

Thursday, 24th October 2019

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