How to support your child to learn their times tables at 7+

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March 8th, 2018

How to support your child to learn their times tables at 7+

This month, a trial run of an online 5 minute times table test is being performed in 290 primary schools across the country. Whatever your views on this test, the fact remains: times tables are a highly valuable skill to learn and almost always feature in the 7+ and 8+ exams. Therefore, here are some resources to support your child to learn them.

1. Flashcards

Flashcards are a great way for your child to have the visual support of the numbers on the card that they are multiplying as you read it out to them. When using these, focus on pace and speed and get the child to read out the calculation on the card as well as the answer to reinforce it. Try to make it into a game to see how many cards they can get right in 3 minutes and then they can try to beat their score the next time you use them. These are also transportable if you are travelling or waiting somewhere and have a few minutes to share. There are many of these available to buy however, here are 2: Times Table Cards by Kippson Pack (Amazon): These packs are eye catching and clear, and break the times tables down into manageable sets. I would recommend the 1,2,5 and 10 x one as a good place to start before moving on. SmartyMaths Times Tables (Amazon): These come as a pack of 144 and are more helpful as your child becomes familiar with all of the times tables and wants to improve their speed.  

2. Online

If your child has access to or has their own tablet, then these games are fun and quick to do daily.


Squeebles Times Tables: The characters make this particularly engaging for younger children. 10 Minutes A Day Times Tables The 10 minute a day format makes this a manageable and sustainable way to keep your children practising their times tables.


Hit the Button Multiplication Fishing Times Table Rock Stars This is a carefully sequenced programme of times table practice, which sets you challenges weekly. It is either online or there is a paper form and has received positive reviews in the media.  

3. Resources


There are a range of books filled with times table practice. Here is a good one broken down into manageable parts. 10 Minutes A Day times tables (Amazon)


Times Table Rock (Amazon) Times Tables CD (Amazon) Everyone knows how easy it is to remember song lyrics. Well, why not apply the same principle to times tables? If you are on a car journey, or around the house, why not stream or put on a times table CD. You may find yourself having the opposite problem and not being able to get them out of your head though!  

4. Place mats

Multiplication Place Mats (Amazon) These place mats are a handy way for your child to have all of their times tables to hand, maybe to look at and say while they are at the table waiting for dinner?   I have used Amazon to source a lot of these items however there will be other websites and shops selling these and other excellent resources to support your child learning their times tables. And remember, whatever resource(s) you use, little and often is the best way. Often 10 minutes a day is the most effective way of memorising and learning your times tables.

Hannah is a tutor with Owl Tutors

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