Free resources for 11 Plus preparation (English and Reasoning)

Sophie works for Owl Tutors


April 2nd, 2020

Free resources for 11 Plus preparation (English and Reasoning)

In this blog, Sophie, a qualified English Teacher and Owl Tutor, has compiled a list of websites which offer resources for 11 Plus preparation. Focusing on the 11+ English and Reasoning papers, these free resources are great practice for any budding school entrance exam candidates.

Eleven Plus Exams

This website hosts a number of free 11 Plus papers which have been contributed by various publishers, including Bond and CPG.

11 Plus guide

11 Plus guide has collated a long list of free-to-use 11 Plus papers including sample papers from both Grammar schools and independent schools. This long list of papers will certainly keep candidates busy in the run up to exams!

A list of exam papers covering CEM, GL and CSSE.

Education Quizzes

We love this website! The “quiz” format makes this feel less like hard work and more like fun. There are quizzes to cover all components of the 11 Plus exam, incuding Maths, English and Reasoning.

CEM familiarisation test

Many schools are now using computerised tests for entrance exams. This can seem intimidating, especially if a student has only ever practised using printed papers and pen and paper. On their website, CEM provide a computerised practice test to help students familiarise themselves with the format (you will need Flash player installed your computer to access this):

Owl Tutors papers

Our team of tutors, all of whom are qualified teachers, have produced a series of 11 Plus practice papers. The papers are designed to reflect the various examination styles and levels of difficulty.

Sophie works for Owl Tutors

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