How to get into Latymer Prep at 7+

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July 13th, 2018

How to get into Latymer Prep at 7+

Are you considering Latymer Prep for 7+? Hopefully this will help!


Latymer is a co-educational school in Hammersmith for children aged 7-11. From here, there is an expectation that children will progress to Latymer Upper school. This is based on performance at the entrance exam at 11+. The admission point for Latymer Prep is at 7+ and to Latymer Upper at 11+.

Before you apply

The school runs open mornings for prospective parents in the Autumn term, in the months of September, October and November. Details of these are published on the website.


To apply for 7+ entry, children will need to complete the registration form which is located on their website:

As well as this, parents will need to pay £100 registration fee via bank transfer Details of how to do this are located on their website using the above link.


Once the registration steps above are completed, the child has applied to sit the 7+ entrance examination.


At the time of writing, the 7+ entrance examination day for Latymer Prep will take place on Tuesday 8th January 2019.

There are three aspects to the formal assessment application: an English paper involving a reading comprehension and a creative writing task, a Maths paper and a Verbal Reasoning paper. Each paper lasts 40 minutes and there are breaks in between each.

The details of the content of the Maths paper can be requested from the school. The school states that Bond papers provide a good measure of what to expect from this part of the assessments.

Parents are sent exemplar papers for Maths and English in the months prior to the exam in January as an indication of what to expect in the papers. Further advice on how to work prepare for the assessments are available on the website:

Successful candidates who have performed well at the written assessment, will be invited to attend an interview morning or afternoon in the following week. During this stage, candidates will be asked to work on small group activities. During this time the focus will be on social maturity attitude to learning and their speculation to respond to numerous challenges.


After completing both stages of the assessment, successful candidates will be made an offer. The deadline for accepting this offer is early February They are asked to respond as soon as possible in order that other candidates on the waiting list can be given a place.

Some feedback on individual children’s performance in the entrance exam can be requested by contacting the school. However, information provided will be an idea of how a child performed in each paper as well as the overall quartile in which your child has been placed.

Destination schools

There is an expectation that children attending Latymer Prep will progress to Latymer Upper School by passing the 11+ entrance examination.

Hannah is a tutor with Owl Tutors

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