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Situated south of Oxford and near the Thames, Abingdon School provides both boarding and day options for senior school boys, including Sixth Form. Like many boarding schools it has a long history, with educational provision being traced back to the 12th century. These days however, the school boasts a modern curriculum underpinned by a caring atmosphere. Like many of independent schools there is an emphasis on extracurricular activities, so much so, it has it’s own term “The Other Half”. This includes the Abingdon film unit and is born out amongst the school’s alumni. Famous ‘Old Abingdons’ include actor Tom Hollander, members of the band Radiohead and comedian David Mitchell.

We could not have asked for a better fit for our son. Emily made him comfortable from the start and he actually enjoyed the tutoring. He is now thriving and at his new school and this is part due to the dialogue between her and his teacher. Emily is really approachable and flexible. Our son was prepared and not anxious for his 11+ exams and that owes significant debt to Emily
Abigail is great with our daughter, making the lessons engaging and helping her to understand the methods behind the answer rather than rote learning. She is able to help explain things in different ways if our daughter isn't initially able to grasp the concept.
Helen is simply an amazing tutor. She is exceptional at explaining maths and english to our son, especially when he needs a bit of extra support in specific areas. She is also extremely organised, structuring his learning around his own needs, as well as highly communicative with us as parents so that we are all on the same page. The cherry on the cake is that she is also warm, friendly, and smiley. Our son always enjoys his sessions with her, as they're joyful but have also really helped him build his skills and confidence.
Alex was great at helping our daughter feel confident before and during the 11+ by working on her less strong areas. She was also excellent at supporting the interview prep making sure she had tools to deal with any questions that came up rather than scripting answers. She was notably more confident after speaking to Alex.
Jacqueline is a fabulous tutor! She is excellent at engaging my somewhat head strong daughter and has not only picked up on her strengths, but is encouraging her to build on them which is increasing her confidence. Jacqueline’s knowledge is second to none, but what makes her wonderful has been her ability to get to know my daughter, understand her way of thinking and adapt a teaching style that brings out her best work. I trust Jacqueline 100% and no longer sit in on my daughters sessions. I leave them to it as I know Jacqueline has the experience and level of expectation that is needed to help my daughter reach her full potential.