Emanuel School entrance guide

11 Plus Entrance Guide to Emanuel

One of our experienced 11 plus tutors, Ally, shares her thoughts on preparing for the 11 plus entrance examinations at Emanuel:

Emanuel, like many other schools in the 11+ circuit is an academically selective independent school in southwest London. It is one of the fewer independent schools in South London that offer a co-educational school experience and describes itself as a happy, well rounded, and positive learning environment. Of the pupils I have had pass through the process, they have all expressed their enjoyment of the experience and opportunities at this school.

In terms of admissions, Emanuel uses its own entry process which consists of an exam in the following: English, Maths and Verbal reasoning. Entrance to the secondary school can be taken at 10+ and 11+

Emanuel’s 11 plus entry process:

If applying at 11+ it’s going to be essential that your child has a solid grasp of all the curriculum they covered in year 5 and beyond into year 6. Your child’s prep-school will have been preparing their pupils for this and hopefully have all this in hand. Keep on top of reports and follow up on any guidance for improvements with your child’s teachers and/or tutors if you are enlisting support.

That’s not to say that pupils entering from the state system won’t be successful- far from it, providing the child is meeting or exceeding all the National Curriculum age related expectations.

Step 1: This step will take place in the summer of year 4 going into year 5 and will involve ensuring that all gaps in knowledge are closed. So that skills and knowledge in the curriculum are either secure or being exceeded. Work on areas of weakness in small and manageable bitesize chunks (e.g., 10-15 mins per day of descriptive writing skill development or 10-15mins per day of fractions).

Step 2: Practice exam level material – You may wish to use a combination of the following at this stage:

  • Your child’s usual homework
  • Specific 11+ textbooks (e.g., Galore Park) that cover the exam material
  • Sessions delivered by an experienced tutor who can tailor lessons to your child’s needs.

Step 3: Practice exam level material in timed conditions. This stage is when specimen papers are useful. Preparing your child for success will involve recreating the conditions in which your child will sit the exam in. Getting used to working under timed pressure will ensure that they are not thrown by the exam day and support them to perform their best. Similarly, preparing for interview will require some preparation in terms of ensuring that your child feels confident speaking and presenting themselves and giving well-reasoned answers to questions on the spot. You will want to avoid having prepared answers, but interviewing is quite an unusual situation for a 10/11-year-old, so familiarity with questioning and speaking publicly will be of great benefit.

I’d never want children to feel stressed by this process, so making sure that preparation is timely, and part of your routine will support your child to feel confident rather than overwhelmed by the process. I would always encourage families to value the process rather than getting fixated on the outcome to support the wellbeing of the family.

Good luck with your journey! 

Free Exam Papers

The following papers have been written in-house by our expert team of tutors.

They are free for anyone to use for non-commercial use.

We are so happy to have had Anna help. She is incredibly knowledgeable and patient and is a wonderfully calm person to have guide my son through tricky verbs and declensions! I couldn’t recommend Anna enough - thanks to her my son has gone from a low grade in exams to one of the top in his class. We are thrilled.
Jacqueline is a fabulous tutor! In the beginning she made it a priority to get to know my daughter and talk about her interests which made my daughter feel at ease. Her lesson planning is very clear which is brilliant as I know what to expect and her feedback is extremely helpful. She has identified my daughters strengths and weaknesses which as a parent is a relief after receiving little feedback from school. I would say Jacqueline’s teaching style is structured, firm but at the same time always encouraging. Jacqueline is happy for me as the parent to have as much or as little input as I like in terms of what she works on with my daughter. But I leave Jacqueline to take the lead. I 100% trust Jacqueline and know my daughter is in excellent hands.
Richard is an amazing tutor. Calm, patient and great at engaging my boys in learning. We have used him several times now before year end exams and have always been very happy. My son gains lots of confidence in maths after his sessions and his grades always improve as a result.
We can’t recommend Maud highly enough. Not only did she help our son get into his first choice of school she also helped him increase his predicted GCSE English/Literature grades from 7’s to 9’s. And even though maths and the sciences are his favourite subjects he thoroughly enjoyed working with Maud and completely trusted in her methods as to how best tackle exam questions. We can’t thank Maud enough for all her support.
Isabelle really helped our daughter regain confidence in Maths following lockdown and online lessons which led to a disappointing mock GCSE result in January of her year 11, despite her being a very academically capable student. Our daughter enjoyed having the opportunity to work one to one with someone who could help her recover some of those areas that suffered during online lessons.