Introduction for Tutors

Our aim is to provide the best education service anywhere in the world. We do this by recruiting exceptional qualified teachers with direct classroom teaching experience for home, online and residential tuition.


How do we operate?

Set high recruitment standards

The best way to ensure that our students are receiving the best education possible is to select the best educators to deliver tuition. We set exceptionally high standards for our tutors and as a very minimum, all of our tutors must be qualified teachers with at least two years of teaching experience. You can find out more about our standards here.

Work with a small number of committed tutors

Tuition generates a significant amount of administration. The fewer the tutors that we work with, the lighter this administration burden becomes and the more effectively we can reach our aim. We are not only looking for the best tutors in the world but also for individuals that are committed to making tuition part or all of their career. We are looking for tutors that can partner with us for the long term so that it is worth our while to invest in their professional development.

Work with freelance tutors

We currently work with tutors all over the globe and as a result of this it is logistically difficult for us to employ our tutors as it would require us to operate within numerous legal frameworks. As a result of this, we are currently only working with freelance tutors. We do believe that in order to reach our aim of being able to provide the best education service anywhere in the world we are likely to employ full time tutors in the future.

Generate free resources

We believe that teaching resources should be free. As a result of this belief, we work with our tutors to create free resources for the benefit of not just our students, but any students that are looking to improve their attainment. If you are successful in becoming an Owl Tutor you can expect that we will be working with you to generate more free resources.

Develop our own tech

Owl Tutors are an education technology business. We believe that education is currently being revolutionised by technology and are committed to being at the heart of this change. We have built our website ourselves and are always looking to build new free teaching resources to help anyone wishing to learn.



What do we do for our tutors?

Find the best clients

We are striving to be the best tuition business in the world. As a result of this we tend to receive enquiries from clients that are willing to pay a premium for the best. Access to our clients is one of the main reasons that we are able to recruit the exceptional tutors that we have found to date.

Build your profile and brand

We work with our tutors to build their credibility and capabilities. We speak with our more prolific tutors on a regular basis in order to direct their content generation efforts and to apply marketing budgets when we are trying to fill their capacity.

Increase your efficiency

If you are being paid £40 an hour for online tuition for a subject that you have a lot of expertise in and so do not need to perform much preparation work, your hourly rate will be close to £40. If you need to travel 45 minutes each way for a job that you also have to perform one hour of preparation for, your hourly rate will be £12.86 if you are receiving £40 an hour for the job. We work with our tutors to find them online tuition work and help them to focus on the tuition subjects that they are best placed to teach. This can involve Owl Tutors managing your diary through to making one of our tutors the worldwide authority for their qualification and subject specialism.

Offer training

We regularly run training workshops at our offices in London but also perform these workshops on an ad hoc basis for tutors that are not available to get to us on the days that we schedule.

Generate free resources

One of our core principles is that teaching resources should be free. As such you will benefit as a tutor by having access to the content that we are generating but also the tutors that are helping us to generate this content.

Pay you on time

You can find out how our payment process works here.