Online Tutoring Jobs

Online Tutoring Jobs

Online tuition provides a fantastic opportunity for tutors to work efficiently. We have the highest starting wage of any tuition agency in the UK, and our standards are correspondingly high.

Why should I work as an online tutor?

1. You can work from home

Although it sounds obvious, don’t underestimate the benefits of working from home.

Traditional home tuition requires travel on the tutor’s part, time which they are not paid for. If a tuition role requires 30 minutes travel each way for one hour of tutoring, then the hourly rate has effectively been halved. As there are large chunks of the week when students are in school (and therefore tuition can’t take place), your time is especially valuable.

Online tutors cut out all travel time, meaning that by tutoring online you can increase the efficiency of the time you want to work.

2. You can work at hours that suit you

We have online tuition clients in a number of other countries, including Brazil, Japan, Australia, the UAE, Canada, the US, the Netherlands, amongst many others. Obviously these countries are in other time zones, and as such are appealing to our tutors for a number of reasons.

For example, Brazil is two hours behind GMT. This means that tuition sessions typically take place fairly late (between 7 PM and 12 PM) on weekday evenings, at times which might be inappropriate for tuition in the UK. These slots are popular with both our tutors who work busy full-time jobs, and for more full-time tutors looking for additional clients at times when they can’t tutor in the UK.

Going the other way, Japan is 9 hours ahead of GMT. This means that tuition sessions typically take place early in the morning in the UK, usually between 7 AM and midday on weekdays, when students in Japan are finished with schools. These slots are popular with our tutors that cannot get other work at these times, and again mean they can increase the number of tuition slots they can offer.

3. You can engage with the cutting-edge of education

Online tuition requires you to learn how to use new eLearning software, track performance using collaborative online documents, and set imaginative assessment tasks that accurately assess progress from distances of thousands of miles away. In short, you need to up your game! If you see that as a challenge, you’re already heading in the right direction.

Education is already undergoing immense changes thanks to e-learning, moodles, intrawebs and many other innovations. It is our belief that these changes are still in their infancy, and that the future of education will be shaped by those who understand both this technology and the foundations of effective teaching. Experience with e-learning software will put you in a strong position for the future.