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11 Plus, 13 Plus and Maths

Tolly's biography:

Tolly has a very strong mathematical background, having studied Mathematics and Philosophy at The University of Oxford. This degree allows him to use his knowledge of the foundations of Mathematics to deepen his students’ understanding of the important concepts, and he particularly enjoys pushing students to develop their problem solving skills. He was keen to follow a teaching career, and this led him to train through Teach First as a Mathematics teacher. He has since taught students aged 11 - 19 in both State and Private schools. His most proud achievement was pushing his recent bottom set GCSE class to all achieve above their target grade, including one student moving from a C grade to an A* in a year.

Tolly is running the Further Mathematics A-level course at his current school, as well as preparing top level students for the demanding Cambridge STEP papers. He has also been working as an A-level examiner for Edexcel, which gives him a strong insight into how best to prepare students for the examinations. Tolly is known for building up a good rapport with his students, which allows him to push them to reach their full potential. He also relies on his classroom teaching experience to bring in regular assessment, allowing him to monitor his students’ progress closely. When he is not teaching, Tolly spends much of his time on music, particularly playing the piano.

Tolly's qualifications:

Tolly qualified to teach Maths in 2011, and holds a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) from Nottingham Trent University.

University NameName of degreeYear of graduation
University of WarwickMA in Educational Leadership2013
University of OxfordMA Mathematics and Philosophy2009

Recent testimonials:

"Coming in at such short notice and with the STEP test so close in time, we are very happy with the tutor. Whether it was sufficient to actually get into Cambridge we don't know yet, but the tutoring has with out doubt increased Jonathan's results and improved his mathematical skills no matter where his education takes him."

Thursday, 4th August 2016

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