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Tolly's biography:

Tolly has a very strong mathematical background, with a Masters degree in Mathematics and Philosophy from Oxford University. He has 10 years experience of teaching mathematics in schools, which includes 3 years as head of mathematics in one of the most successful state schools in the country. He also completed a Masters degree in Educational Leadership from Warwick University and has utilised these skills as a senior leader in schools.

Tolly is particularly interested in the problem solving aspects of mathematics, and he aims to weave in the development of those skills into the teaching of the core content. His goal as a tutor is to help students develop confidence in applying their mathematical skills by showing them how to break down questions which initially look too difficult. Resent research in cognitive science suggests that even problem solving is based on experience and familiarity, and Tolly works to help students build up that experience in an encouraging and nurturing environment. For exam students, he has significant experience in helping students achieve the top grades, and his experience helps him pick out the resources that are most appropriate for each student, as well as guiding them through their revision process.

Tolly has worked as an A-level examiner for Edexcel, gaining an intimate understanding of the examination design. He has helped students prepare for university entrance tests such as MAT, TMUA and STEP, and he has experience in guiding students with their IB coursework. He has tutored extensively online, using software to allow him to work in real time with students on maths questions together on the same virtual writing space. When not teaching, Tolly is passionate about music and he spends much of his free time playing classical piano.

Tolly's qualifications:

Tolly qualified to teach Maths in 2011, and holds a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) from Nottingham Trent University.

University NameName of degreeYear of graduation
University of WarwickMA in Educational Leadership2013
University of OxfordMA Mathematics and Philosophy2009

Recent testimonials:

"Coming in at such short notice and with the STEP test so close in time, we are very happy with the tutor. Whether it was sufficient to actually get into Cambridge we don't know yet, but the tutoring has with out doubt increased Jonathan's results and improved his mathematical skills no matter where his education takes him."

Thursday, 4th August 2016

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