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Gareth's biography:

Gareth studied Education at the University of Durham, specialising in Primary with English and classical studies being his specialist subjects. He has been teaching since 1996 and has significant leadership experience in prep schools. Gareth is a member of IAPS and has been their English subject adviser since 2017. He is also a qualified inspector for ISI and two other inspectorates as well as providing consultancy services to schools. Gareth is a fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching and of the RSA, he is fully trained in the Talk for Writing approach to teaching which is excellent for developing creative writing skills and is also fully trained in the Visible Learning approach to teaching based on the work of Professor John Hattie.

He is successful and experienced in tutoring for various school entrance points, especially for the Sutton grammar schools (Wallington, Wilsons etc.) as well as London independent schools such as Whitgift, Trinity, Westminster, the Dragon School and Brighton College.

Outside of school Gareth enjoys reading, a little amateur painting, travelling and music and amateur dramatics.

Gareth's qualifications:

Gareth qualified to teach Primary education in 1996, and holds a Bachelor of Arts in Education with Qualified Teacher Status from University of Durham.

University NameName of degreeYear of graduation
University of Durham BA (Ed) with QTS1996


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I met Gareth when I was Chair of the Board of Governors of the British International School of Tunis (BIST). I was on the interview panel and therefore played a part in his recruitment as our Deputy Head, Primary in 2018. We interacted regularly on this basis. In addition, as a parent of two children in the BIST Primary school (4 and 9 years old), I interacted with him as a parent, and have continued to do so regularly, since retiring from my role as Chair of the Board at the end of December 2019.   When Gareth arrived at BIST it was a growing school, expanding and moving in the right direction under the direction of the Principal. As the school grew, it needed two deputies, one for primary and one for secondary, and Gareth was recruited for the former. While the school was strong on the academic side, the school community was almost non-existent and there was a lack of cohesion and trust.    From the moment of his arrival, Gareth recognised the importance of building a school community, not only across the school, internally, but also building links between the school and the Tunisian community within which it sits, in order to stabilise and enrich the school. Gareth demonstrated a talent for facing challenges, confident that there is always a way to succeed, and then proceeding with tenacity, integrity, discretion, honesty and good humour.   He launched a programme of activities that brought parents and governors into the school. The school community began to strengthen and is now thriving. This is palpable and visible around the school. Every day there are several groups of parents in the school for coffee mornings with teachers, or for “Parents into Classroom” sessions, or for Arabic, French or English lessons. Gareth understands how to build bridges across the community and how to make its multi-national, multi-faith and multi-lingual members feel included. To build bridges between the school and the Tunisian community, Gareth launched a programme of charitable activities whereby the children choose their Tunisian cause and run their own fund-raising activities; the pupils of the school have raised thousands of Tunisian Dinars in this way for charitable causes.   Further, Gareth has invested considerable time and energy into performing arts, art and music at the school. Every wall, corner and most ceilings of school are decorated with children’s displays. The school community is regularly treated to shows, and the primary school choir, established under Gareth’s guardianship, has sung at several prestigious external events.    Importantly, at the same time, the academic standards of the school have gone from strength to strength. He has harnessed the best of new ideas and expertise from across the British education spectrum and brought them to our school.    Gareth has earned the trust and respect of parents, teachers, staff and governors because he has the right priorities. He breathed a new atmosphere into the school: one of openness, honesty, trust, good faith and clear communication. Perhaps most importantly, he understands that happy, stable children are more likely to succeed academically; and that education is an holistic process and that children are individuals and that their differences should be celebrated. He understands also that education should be enjoyable.

Thursday, 17th September 2020

Gareth is a highly competent teacher and an excellent manager. He is a creative thinker who provides imaginative solutions to any problems. His concern for pupils' well-being and their achievement is exemplary. He constantly maintains and updates his knowledge to ensure his teaching is excellent and that his pupils' learning is effective.

Thursday, 17th September 2020

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